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My perfect winter day on the heath

The time when silence and light take over the leading role

As the days get shorter and shorter, winter returns to the Lüneburg Heath. Light and silence take over and a unique scenic charm unfolds. For the Heidjer, the most beautiful season begins. We have summarised for you what distinguishes it and makes it so special.

When the trees unfold their splendour, rhododendrons shine through the green in pink, the heath shines in rich purple and heather bees fly through the air buzzing, many nature lovers and heath enthusiasts are drawn to our beautiful natural paradise. The blaze of colour is too beautiful, especially the intense glow of the heather blossoms, which only seems to end on the horizon. The wide view over the radiant landscape, the rolling hills, the green junipers, the silvery shimmering birch trees and the herds of heather sheep passing by make the Lüneburg Heath so appealing in spring and summer.

When the green leaves turn colourful and yellow, red and brown tones shimmer golden in the sunlight through the woods, late summer turns into autumn. There is a scent of mushrooms, mossy soil and damp leaves. The songs of the deer rut echo far and wide through the landscape and the migratory birds pass by in flocks in the sky. Nature becomes dreamier and lovers of the cooler season enjoy the quiet hiking trails. 
As the days get shorter and shorter, winter returns to the Lüneburg Heath. It is the beginning of the time when light and silence take the leading role in the Heath. It is the favourite season of the Heidjer.

Winter here has a special charm. At this time of year, nature comes to rest. It is very quiet outside now, only the frozen grasses crunch under your shoes. Here and there, perhaps a bird flits through the air or there is a crackling in the undergrowth. The icy splendour and many cosy moments of enjoyment make for perfect days on the heath. A morning winter walk, an afternoon visit to the thermal springs and a stroll through the illuminated half-timbered towns of Lüneburg and Celle bring together what is special about the region. 

A winter hike is a wonderful way to end the old year - or start the new one. Hoarfrost glistens on the junipers, the heaths lie still and sublime. If you go out into nature now, you have the heath all to yourself. The vast region is covered in frost or snow, the dark green junipers greet you majestically from the expanse. Early morning mist drifts through the woods and the sun shines through the leafless trees. All the trails can be walked easily even in winter.

Among the most popular are the Heidschnuckenweg, the routes through the juniper forest in the Teufelsheide near Schmarbeck, the Königinnen-Weg near Amelinghausen, the routes through the Ellendorfer Wacholderheide and exploring the Pietzmoor.

In the three brine spas of the Heide, the water warms up the muscles again. The iodine-brine thermal baths in Bad Bevensen, the thermal baths in Soltau or the salt thermal baths in Lüneburg are easy to reach and are the warm wellness contrast to the hike. As in winter nature, rest and recuperation come first. 

In the evening, warmed up and refuelled, it's worth taking a detour to the Advent markets in the pre-Christmas season or an excursion to the surrounding Heide towns. The old towns of Lüneburg and Celle are romantic places full of atmosphere and history when illuminated in winter. The historic half-timbering is reminiscent of a bygone era, small shops offer special treats for body, mind and soul and quaint restaurants have regional dishes on the menu. Now, at the latest, it's time for good food - here in the Heide, you can enjoy traditional Heidschnuck specialities, kale, goose or duck. The day ends peacefully by the crackling fireplace with a glass of red wine or a hot cup of tea.