Summer in Lueneburg Heath

When the sun’s rays flicker over the purple heather slopes

Naturerlebnis im Sommer

Summer in Lüneburg Heath means being outside, as much as possible. This is because the warm, fresh air, a sea of colours, and the balmy summer evenings awaken a wonderful feeling for life in us!

Summer is when the heather blossoms!

The warm scent of heather flowers accompanies summer in Lüneburg Heath. When the heather blossoms in August and September, the unique landscape radiates its own special charm. The whole region is painted in vivid lilac of many millions of flowers, interrupted by the rich green of juniper and pine, and the silvery white of the birch.

When does the heather blossom? Follow the daily state of the heather blossom with our heather barometer!

Summer activities in Lüneburg Heath

Summer in Lüneburg Heath invites you outside. Cyclists and walkers explore the region and carriages make their way through the huge, car-free nature reserve. Find a suitable footpath  or jump on your bike!


How about a canoe trip on one of the many heath rivers?

On very warm days, the natural waters are very tempting. The heather blossom is accompanied by many festivals, farmers markets, and other events. Lüneburg Heath’s farm cafés tempt you with a delicious piece of buckwheat cake.


Watching animals and plants in Lüneburg Heath

There is a diverse flora and fauna in the summer months. Every day the Heidschnucken sheep flocks roam the heathland. But, with a bit of luck, even rarer heathland inhabitants can be seen, such as darter dragonflies, kingfisher, black grouse, or black stork.


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