Heidepanoramaweg (circular trail, 7.5 km)

Nature experience path Misselhorner Heide in the nature park Südheide

©MARKUS TIEMANN, Lüneburger Heide GmbH/ Markus Tiemann

The Heidepanoramaweg in the Misselhorn Heath belongs to the most beautiful circular hiking trails through the Southern Heath.

Walk through one of the most beautiful heath areas of the Südheide Nature Park on the 7.5 km long circular trail. The Heidepanoramaweg leads through the Misselhorner Heide, over the Eicksberg (105 metres) into the Hermannsburger Gehege and through the particularly impressive landscape of the Tiefental valley. This is a fantastic hiking trail, especially during the heather blossom.

The Misselhorn Heath is a bit hilly and allows panoramic views into the heath. The hiking trail starts gently and leads through the heathland of the Misselhorner Heide to Eicksberg. There are a few small heights to climb here, but the paths are well developed. The trail leads into the Tiefental valley through the impressive forest of firs and birches. Long sand paths through the heath lead back to the car park.

10 nature stations on the Heidepanoramaweg

Discover the 10 nature stations along the way, where you can learn about the fauna and flora as well as the history of the ancient cultural landscape of the heath. Each station is dedicated to its own subject.

As a starting point for your hike, two hiking car parks have been redesigned. Benches and shelters invite you to rest an study the information boards. Toilets are available in summer.

The Heidepanoramaweg is signposted with the illustrated pictogram, the symbol of the Schnucke on green ground.
Enjoy the silence of the nature and enjoy the untouched landscape.

Route profile hiking trail
The route takes you along narrow sandy paths through extensive heathland and woodland.

Starting point Circular path

The starting point for the Heidepanoramaweg is the Misselhorner Heide hiking car park.

Directions to the car park "Misselhorner Heide

The car park "Misselhorner Heide" can be reached via the K 17 Hermannsburg towards Unterlüß. After about 1.5 km from the end of Hermannsburg you will see the "Misselhorner Heide" car park on your right.
Position: 52° 49.40557', E 010° 08.02380', E 010° 08.02380'.

Another possible starting point is the hiking car park at Eicksberg (Tiefental). From Oldendorf this can be reached via the L 281 in the direction of Eschede. After 3 km turn left (opposite the junction to Dehningshof and Hof Severloh). After another 200 m the path leads right up the Eicksberg for approx. 2 km to the car park.
Position: N52.805569 E10.145545