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Lüneburg Heath

This holiday on Lüneburg Heath will be special

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Lüneburg Heath, located in northern Germany between Hamburg, Bremen, and Hanover, is one of the most beautiful holiday regions in Germany.

Where once huge glaciers formed the landscape, today there is a unique cultural landscape of forests, fields, wetlands and heathland, which is unique in Europe - Lüneburg Heath.

During the ice ages, Lüneburg Heath was extensively glaciated. After rewarming of the Earth's surface, Lüneburg Heath was brought to life.

Due to the rapid increase in temperature, melting glaciers moved large masses of sand and stones and, thanks to this debris, left the highest elevation of the northwest German lowlands, the 169 metre high Wilseder Berg.

A huge mixed forest spread, broken only by wetlands and streams. This was the end of the ice ages and the beginning of a unique cultural landscape.

Holiday resorts in Lüneburg Heath

Small romantic heath villages, such as Müden (Örtze), invite you on a natural and authentic holiday. The historic old towns of Lüneburg and Celle are a wonderful backdrop. The holiday resorts of Lüneburg Heath have much to offer. Here is a list of all resorts in Lüneburg Heath.

Lüneburg Heath Nature Park 

In the north of Lüneburg Heath, from Buchholz i.d. Nordheide to Soltau in the south, from Schneverdingen in the west to the borders of the Hanseatic city of Lüneburg in the east, lies Lüneburg Heath Nature Park

It is a land of many facets: vibrant heathlands, mystical wetlands, fragrant deciduous forests, crystal-clear streams, slow-flowing rivers, and protected heath villages with old thatched farmhouses.

Did you know that the Lüneburg Heath Nature Park was Germany's first nature park? And even now, a huge part of the Nature Reserve is completely car-free.

Südheide Nature Park 

In the south of Lüneburg Heath, between the romantic heathland settlements of HermannsburgMüden (Örtze), Eschede, Unterlüß and Winsen (Aller), there is a unique and rugged natural area that holds unexpected treasures.

Large forests, so deep and beautiful that they remind you of a primeval forest, alternate with small and large, often gently rolling heathland areas. Südheide Nature Park is unique and varied in its landscape.

Largest leisure region in Europe

In addition, Lüneburg Heath is the only region in Germany to have a total of 14 leisure parks and adventure areas. Heide-Park Soltau, Serengeti-Park, or Walsrode Bird Park are just as much a part of this as a Barefoot Park or the Wildlife Parks.

Romantic towns with great history

The two cities of Lüneburg and Celle provide a high-quality, cultural experience. Romantic and well-preserved old towns, culinary experiences and small boutiques with a great shopping experience await you. The history of Lüneburg, with the wealth of the Hanseatic League or the first English king from Celle, provide for exciting entertainment.