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Multi-day hiking tours in Lueneburg Heath

Long-distance hiking routes through Lueneburg Heath

Do you love hiking and spending the whole day in the great outdoors? In that case our multi-day hiking trails across Lueneburg Heath are just what you need. This is where you can find the longest hikes on Lueneburg Heath, although you can choose just to cover certain stages of a given route.

Hiking on Lueneburg heath is an experience everyone can enjoy. Our trails are technically undemanding and there are only a few inclines of low altitude. And the experience of nature is sensational.

Where tremendous
glaciers once characterised the scenery, one now finds a very unique cultural
landscape. Vast heath lands, deep forests, mystical moorlands, lush green
meadows, fertile fields and idyllic river valleys are waiting for you when
hiking in the Luneburg Heath.


Apart from
the quality hiking trail “Moorland Sheeo Trail”
certified by the German Hiking
, or the historical
“Freudenthal Trail”
there are six more
fascinating multi-day trails
as well as a pilgrim’s path of over 400 km
through the Lueneburg Heath that you can explore hiking.


Quality hiking trail “Moorland Sheep Trail”

The quality
hiking trail "Moorland Sheep Trail" (“Heidschnuckenweg”), certified by the German Hiking Association, is
a premium hiking trail through the Lueneburg Heath and belongs to the “Top Trails of Germany”. The heathlands of the North and the South heath line up like
pearls on a string along its 13 stages. A must for every hiking enthusiast.


Hiking trails in the nature park Lueneburg

Explore the
nature park Lueneburg Heath on one of its five themed hiking trails. The trail “Lila Krönung – Violet Coronation” is
the most appealing hiking trail connection between the two “Heath Queen” towns of
Amelingshausen and Schneverdingen. Or are you a lover of sweeping views over
natural landscapes? In this case the hiking trail “Parcours der Ausblicke – Trail of views” is for you. On the trail “Pastor-Bode-Weg” you will follow the
tracks of the Heide pastor Wilhelm Bode. Old cultural monuments can be
discovered on the trail “Kultur-Findlinge
– Cultural Foundlings”
and on the trail “Heide Puzzle” the heathlands of the natural park Lueneburg Heath line up one after the other.


Hiking trail “Hardautal water experience trail”

It’s all
about the element water on the “Hardautal Water experience trail” in the region
of Uelzen. Following the heath river Hardau, the trail takes you to old water
mills and through a very scenic river plain.


Pilgrim’s path “Jacobusweg Lueneburger Heider –
St. James‘ path Lueneburg Heath“

To be out
and about in order to disconnect from day-to-day life – to reconnect with
yourself and find peace and tranquility in nature. A pilgrimage is a very
special way of hiking. The over 400 km long St. James’ Path on Lueneburg Heath
reveals opportunities to you to enjoy the peace and quiet of nature during a


Lace up your hiking boots and experience on one
of our multiday trails step by step the unique natural landscape of the
Lueneburg Heath