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Laser, beamer, neon rush - indoor fun for cold days

Indoor offers in the Lüneburg Heath for bad weather

Windy, cold and wet - winter in the Lüneburg Heath can have a dreary side. But not the cool indoor programme for the whole family. BattleKart takes you through virtual worlds, at laser tag you'd better stay under cover and in the brand new Adventure District, teeing off becomes an exhilarating 3-D event with blacklight and neon lights.

With a total of 19 leisure facilities, the Lüneburg Heath is Europe's largest leisure region and creates extraordinary fun for young and old all year round, regardless of the weather.   
It's cold in Germany, the fog lingers until midday and the drizzle soaks into your jacket. Just five degrees; the cold creeps under the skin; nose, hands and feet shiver against a grey backdrop. The children are bored, the TV has been on all weekend. Now it's time for a cool short holiday in the Lüneburg Heath with lots of excitement and adventure.

On dull days, the endless indoor programme lifts the spirits. Nowhere else in Europe can you find so many different leisure facilities in a comparable area, where fun and action are guaranteed. For the first time, there are nineteen of them, 13 of which are open all year round and offer fast-paced activities for young and old. With so much variety, the weather no longer plays a role and the dreary November days become exciting and eventful events.

In a neon frenzy: 3D black light mini-golf

No fewer than five wow worlds await visitors to the brand new Adventure District Bispingen, which will amaze its visitors. Recently opened at the end of September 2022, a 3D Blacklight Minigolf District, a 3D Trickart Illusion District, a Mystery Maze District, a Laser District and a Gaming District are all under one roof. Visitors young and old are fascinated by the larger-than-life murals of the 3D Trickart Illusion. Through optical illusions, you sit in the mouth of a prehistoric monster, fight with a T-Rex or surf the ultimate wave. The 3D Blacklight Minigolf lets the player realistically dive into different worlds. Who will play the ball in the dinosaur world?

Be part of a video game in the eKart

BattleKart drivers have been experiencing the ultimate kick on the track since summer 2021 in Bispingen. Because at the BattleKart, which is unique in Germany, no two laps are the same. A hall with an area of 2,000 square metres becomes a virtual world of experience as if you were in an interactive video game. Up to twelve electric karts can race simultaneously on the laser-projected track. There are five game variations to choose from, including collecting rockets, knocking over oil barrels or moving giant footballs. 32 beamers throw the images onto the floor, and music and lighting effects support the fast-paced racing fun. For the first time, you have the feeling of being in a live video game. A freaky feeling, from one metre 45 you can start; there is no additional age limit. 

Pew, pew: Lucky you! 

Because speed, quick reactions and good dexterity lead to winning at Nova Lasertag in Lüneburg. The futuristic trend sport takes place on an 800-square-metre, sophisticated playing area with UV lighting and a modern light show and ensures mega indoor fun for participants aged ten and over. Running, ducking, hiding, being alert and acting thoughtfully - activities and skills that challenge young and old alike and are great fun at the same time. Extra dense fog and game features raise the pulse even more. The state-of-the-art equipment consisting of sensor waistcoats and infrared signal transmitters allows for smooth operation and makes Nova Lasertag one of the largest and most modern arenas in Northern Germany. 

A round of romping

The Abenteuerland Trampoline Park is the perfect place for anyone who wants to let off some steam. Boring trampoline jumping was yesterday, here you can jump slam dunk, score points with the trampoline and a basketball. Or jump over a rotating beam on the Wipe Out. With the Zip Line, the very brave swing through the hall on the ceiling. Of course, there is also a ninja course.

The following leisure facilities are open all year round. For more information, just click on the name: