Short break in Lüneburg

Do you want to take a short break in the town of Rote Rosen (Red Roses TV series)?


Lüneburg is the city of Rote Rosen (Red Roses TV series).

Spend a magical getaway in the Hanseatic town of Lüneburg.

Have you chosen a short break in Lüneburg? Choose from one of the listed hotels in Lueneburg which we have compiled for you here. We hope you have a nice short break in Lüneburg!

Would you like to stay at the Rote Rosen Hotel?

Welcome to Hotel Bergström in Lüneburg.

Would you like to visit the outdoor locations of the TV series Rote Rosen (Red Roses) in Lüneburg?

There are Rote Rosen guided tours. An insider tip for real fans!

Would you like to experience the lanes of Lüneburg?

Would you like to experience the fortifications of Lüneburg?

The city defences played an important role for Lüneburg. Here you can find out why and where you can still see the relics today.

Would you like to experience new architecture in Lüneburg?

The Libeskind-Bau in Lüneburg is a futuristic building with sloping exterior walls by top architect Daniel Libeskind.

Would you like some tips for a short break in Lüneburg?

Stories, tips and favourite places can be found at Heath insider town. 

As you can see, a short break in Lüneburg is varied and full of surprises.

Here you can find all the accommodation in Lüneburg.