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©Markus Tiemann
©Markus Tiemann
©Markus Tiemann
©Lüneburger Heide GmbH/Alexander Kaßner
©Lüneburger Heide GmbH/Alexander Kaßner
©Lüneburger Heide GmbH/Alexander Kaßner
©Lüneburger Heide GmbH/Alexander Kaßner

Welcome to Unterluess!

Unterluess is a place in the Southern Lueneburg Heath surrounded by Suedheide Nature Park. This heath town with the jungle-like Luesswald Forest and the nearby heath fields is the ideal starting point for activities in the great outdoors.

The history of Unterluess

After the construction of the railway line Hanover-Harburg which was put into service on 1 May 1847, small settlements formed along its route. One of them was to become an important traffic hub, so Unterluess can still be reached easily by train from the North and the South and is therefore starting point for excursions and holidays in the south heath.

The name of the village “Unterluess” stems from its location in the state-owned forest “Luess”, whose abundance of wood contributed to the development of this settlement in the Celle region.

Crucial for the growth of this town, however, was the installation of a shooting range by the  Rheinmetall company in 1899. The trading place for wood and the postal station for the surrounding villages gradually grew into an independent little town with job opportunities and growing infrastructure. To this day there are two company divisions of Rheinmetall in Unterluess, making it the biggest employer in the north of the district of Celle. Today, Unterluess has about 3,800 inhabitants.

The white gold of the Heath

The natural resource diatomite was mined until 1944 around Unterluess. The diatomite industry of Wiechel, Ober- and Niederohe generated more jobs and created the character of the town as a significant industrial location. The bicycle tour “"Discover the white gold of the Southern Heath" takes you alongside former extraction sites through the Southern Heath. In the permanent exhibition in the Albert-Koenig-Museum you can learn a lot of interesting facts about the history of diatomite.

You can find further information about the history of the political community Unterluess in the chronicles by the same name. They can be viewed at the Town Hall as well as the Albert Koenig Museum.

Why is Unterluess so special for lovers of nature?

Unterluess is situated in the  Suedheide nature park. In this varied landscape you can find expansive heath fields like 

·        Schillohsberg Heath

·        Oberohe Heath

·        Hausselberg Heath

Plus, the jungle-like Luesswald Forest, a great place for extensive hikes and bicycle tours any time of the year, is only 4km away from the center of Unterluess. 

Special tip: Visit the quaint heath village Lutterloh near Unterluess:

In Lutterloh itself there are numerous holiday apartments, houses and farm houses where you can spend your holiday in the Southern Heath. In the center of the community of Suedheide, between Hermannsburg and Unterluess, Lutterloh enchants every visitor with its old farm houses, historical pigeon loft and granary.

The Quality Hiking trail "Heidschnuckenweg  (Moorland Sheep Trail) runs directly through the town so that you can start from here on selected tours of the cycling and hiking trail network in the nature park Southern Heath. The nearest heath field is only 15 walking minutes away.

Cultural experience in Unterluess

Visit the Albert Koenig Museum in Unterluess. Apart from the permanent exhibition about the history of diatomite, the art museum safekeeps the works of the painter and graphic artist Albert Koenig (1881-1944). The works of local artists are also shown in temporary exhibitions. 

Activities around Unterluess

Cycle and hiking tours

Straight from Unterluess you can start on a bicycle tour on the well-marked cycle trail network  or explore heath fields and forests  hiking on the extensive hiking trails.


It is not least because of its central position for numerous day trips in the Lueneburg Heath that Unterluess is an attractive holiday option:

·        Village museum in Hoesseringen

·        Medieval timber town Celle

·        Bird park in Walsrode

·        Otter center in Hankensbuettel

·        Mill museum

·        Heide Park

All of these attractions and many more can be reached by car in 30 – 60 minutes.

Your holiday in Unterluess and surrounding areas

Whether you are looking for accommodation for a short visit or are planning a longer stay in the Southern Heath: Unterluess and its surrounding areas have a lot to offer. Modern and comfortable accommodation options are available.

We look forward to your visit in Unterluess in the Southern Hearth!