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Forest bathing in the Lüneburg Heath

Shinrin yoku: Forest bathing is proven to strengthen the immune system

Lüneburger Heide is famous throughout Europe for its brightly shining heath areas in a lush purple. However, around 60 percent of the unique cultural landscape consists of extensive woodland areas, which now attract visitors with their autumnal, colourful foliage.

Especially in the two nature parks of the Lüneburg Heath and in the large, car-free nature reserve, there are extensive areas of forest. How you perceive the forest is different for everyone. We plead for attentiveness.
Out into the woods - exercise, switch off and relax, a healthy lifestyle includes regular excursions into nature. Especially now in autumn, when the first leaves rustle under your feet, the forest smells spicy and its leaves shine in strong yellow and orange tones. Fireworks for all senses.
Forest bathing is healthy
Japanese scientists have recently proven that a walk in the forest has a positive effect on health. It has been found that the essential oils of the forest strengthen the immune system, at the same time stress hormones are reduced and the psychological well-being is improved. In Japan, staying in the forest ("Shinrinyoku", German: Waldbaden) is a recognized stress management method and is promoted by the health system. 
During the walk in the forest the immune system boosts and more white blood cells are produced. After a walk in the woods, the number of white blood cells is about 50 percent higher than before. You are active for longer and fight germs foreign to your body. This is why forest bathing is so sensible, especially in autumn when the first waves of flu are coming.
Hiking in the jungle
The beneficial effect of the forest can be felt best in the Lüneburg Heath. For example in the 7500 hectare Lüßwald in the nature park Südheide. It is one of the largest contiguous forest areas in Germany and was already mentioned in documents in the early 13th century. These ancient forest structures present themselves almost unchanged along the nature forest reserve. In 1973, all use of the forest section was discontinued and trespassing was prohibited. Since then the nature forest reserve has been left to its own devices. The result is an unspoilt biotope for flora and fauna, completely without human intervention. Visitors can experience the special power of this primeval forest up close on the 7.2 kilometre long forest adventure trail, which is equipped with information boards. Those who want to be on the move longer in the Lüßwald choose the middle tour with a length of 10.8 km or the day tour with 14.5 km
Breathe consciously
Smell, hear, taste and feel - during the one-hour forest hike with meditation trainer Lonny Andersen in Bad Bevensen all senses are addressed. Focal points are mindfulness, conscious breathing and the joy of movement. To warm up, you will start by walking through the forest, followed by relaxation with stretching and breathing exercises and small meditations. (
Yoga in the forest
Between Hamburg and Lüneburg, the Yoga Forest in the Barefoot Park Egestorf offers nine stations where beginners and experienced yogis can do exercises in the silence of the forest. Breathe deeply, move and relax. At each station, individual movements are presented on blackboards and illustrated by original wooden figures. Yoga mats and mobile audio equipment with instructions can be borrowed. If you would rather join a group, book the course "Yoga in the forest" and experience the energetic power of forest yoga under expert guidance. (
Waldkräutery and the Walderlebnis Ehrhorn share a wonderful spot in Schneverdingen. Hidden in the forest of the nature reserve Lüneburger Heide, the ancient Heidjerhaus, which houses the Forest Experience Centre, opens up. Here nature experience and enjoyment of regional delicacies meet. In addition to the forest experience path, it is above all the Waldkräuterey that allows a different forest experience. Here you can buy wildflower lemonade, spruce top buds and wild herbs in the forest shop. (