Heath areas in the Nordheide

dreamlike, mystical and bizarre

The Lüneburg Heath offers a wonderful cultural landscape with extensive heath areas, which there is nowhere else.

In the Nordheide the heath areas extend from Hamburg-Fischbek to Undeloh and Döhle. Due to their height differences (Brunsberg 129 m) they are very varied and offer unique views and far-aways-not only to the heath blossom!

In combination with rustic juniper bushes, moors or small ponds and creeks, this landscape appears dreamy, mystical and bizarre at any time of the year.

The grazing by Heidschnucken, Wilseder red or dülmen horses, all of which can be encountered and observed with a little luck, underscore this picture.

A large part of the heath area lies in the nature reserve, far away from traffic and hectic, so that recreation seekers here are exactly right:

Buchholz i.d.N/Sprötze

The hilly Nordheide begins in the north with the Harburg Mountains and the Brunsberg (129 m)They offer the active holidaymaker a nice change, for example, during a hike on the certified Heidschnuckenweg, which with the Stage 2 (Buchholz – Handeloh) was even chosen as the most beautiful hiking trail in Germany.


On this stage there is also the small and beautiful Büsenbachtal with a nice café „Am Schafstall“.


The starting point of the Heidschnuckenwegs is already in the Fischbeker Heath, where wide heath areas are waiting for nature related. Even a in the glider over the heath is possible here on weekends for everyone.


Here the Töps Heath offers a wonderful opportunity for a hike with a subsequent stop in the enchanting Café "Augustenhöh.


The Weseler Heath with its pastoral ponds and the Undeloher Heath with the Radenbachtal as well as the Döhler/Hörpeler Heath form the end of the Nordheide. They are particularly well-suited to the heath blossoms and besides hikers, horse-drawn carriages shape the idyllic picture.

The Radenbachtal borders Wilsede with the Wilseder Mountain (169 m) and the Totengrund.