Winter in Lüneburg Heath

Experience nature in winter


When there is snow, it is quiet in Lüneburg Heath. The hoarfrost glistens on the junipers, the heathland is quiet and sublime. The favourite season of the Heidjer has begun.

Enjoy silence on a winter walk across the Heath

The year is coming to an end, nature is resting. It is now completely quiet outside, only the snow crunches underfoot. Anyone who is on a walk in the winter has the heath to themself. The snow on the dark junipers, in the middle of the open landscape, enchants the beholder. No wonder that so many heathlanders love this season.

Enjoy winter sports

If there is enough snow on the Heath, cross-country skiing fans will get their money's worth. The cross-country trails in Lüneburg Heath are busy – they are popular throughout Germany due to their unusual routes.

A soothing massage, a warm bath, or a visit to the sauna complete an active day outdoors.

The romance of the historic old towns

In the half-timbered houses of the Heath the fireplaces crackle and delicious food is served in the cozy restaurants parlors. A contemplative mood exists between the baroque gables and half-timbered houses of the historic old towns of Lüneburg and Celle.


    Experience nature in winter

    Much of nature is resting in winter. Nevertheless, there is a lot to discover and experience in the countryside:

    • Winter walks in the silence of nature
    • Winter sports - cross-country skiing routes
    • The romance of the old towns of Lüneburg and Celle
    Map: Winter in Lüneburg Heath