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The 10 most popular attractions in Celle (with photos)

Which attractions simply must be seen? The most interesting sights in Celle

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If you take a day trip
to the timber-framed town of Celle, you will be overwhelmed by the wealth its
attractions. It’s too much to do it all in one day, so we’ll give you an
overview and show you the 10 most popular sights in Celle.

The main attractions
are located primarily in the old town. That's handy as you can park your car in
one of the car parks that are well signposted by the parking guidance system
and explore Celle on foot.

The old town consists
of the largest timber-framed ensemble in Europe and is a landmark in its own
right. It is especially romantic here at sunset, when you can sit outside in
one of the many places in the evening and enjoy a glass of wine.

Of course, shopping in Celle is a fantastic experience. Shopping enthusiasts
especially like the many small boutiques in the town centre. So why not combine a
city tour of Celle with some light retail therapy?

The 10 most popular attractions in Celle



Celle Castle


The castle is the landmark of the city of Celle. Given its history and its many connections to the English royal family, Celle Castle is the attraction to start with on your trip around the city. A guided tour will also take you to the recently restored castle chapel.


Residence museum at Cell Castle

The residence museum is definitely worth a visit. It brings the history of Celle to life and many little anecdotes about the rulers sharpen the view of the long-standing tradition of the Dukes of Celle.


Hoppener house

Hoppener house in Poststrasse / Rundestrasse is probably the most beautiful timber-framed house in Celle. Six stories with figures, diabolical and foolish characters and rich carvings make this a very special timber-framed house.


Bomann Museum

The Bomann Museum is situated directly opposite Celle Castle. The history of the city of Celle and the history of the former Kingdom of Hanover have been presented here for more than 100 years.


Stechbahn and Kalandgasse

The Stechbahn is located near the old town hall and the church of Sankt Marien and is a former tournament site. Today, it is probably the most photographed location in Celle.

Kalandgasse next to the church leads you away from the square. This little alley with the school built in 1602 is also a popular photo opportunity.


St Marien Church

The large town church on the Stechbahn has two attractions: from time to time the steeple bugler climbs up the high church tower and plays a choral in all four directions, just like in ancient times. The town church also houses the royal tomb, which can be visited by appointment on certain days.


Baroque Castle Theatre Celle

The oldest baroque theater still in use in Europe is located in Celle. It is always worth a visit, even if you cannot attend a performance.


Haesler Museum

Otto Haesler was one of the great settlement architects of the 20th century and enjoyed an international reputation. The Otto Haesler Museum features an originally preserved and furnished workers Bauhaus apartment.


Medicinal herb garden

Take a little break in the heart of the city of Celle. You’ll have to drive to the medicinal plant garden, so it should be at the end of the tour. Walking through the garden with its water features is a calming and interesting experience.



Stechinelli House

The history of Stechinelli is very interesting and the house is a part of it. Stechinelli was a very influential figure in and around Celle and as far as Wietze.


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