Ahlden Scheunenviertel – the barn district

Ahlden (Aller)

    An old village centre full of half-timbered barns  

    The large Scheunenviertel in Ahlden is protected by a preservation order. Legend has it that the residents of Ahlden built their barns in a dedicated part of the village for fear of fire and lack of storage space in the village centre.


    The barn ‘district’ lies on the western outskirts of the village, away from the Aller and Leine rivers, on dry land. It is believed that the district was constructed in 1618.


    After a large fire in 1847, the new barn district was planned and the barn plots were distributed to farmers according to their social class. The barns were built side by side in three long rows, which is how they stand today. Because of the risk of fire, the barns were built so that their gables were at least 10 feet apart.


    All barns are still privately owned, many of them having been converted into homes in recent years. A new circular walking trail leads visitors around the old village centre.


    Ahlden House, which is closely connected to the history of the Guelphs, is just a stone’s throw away.

    Map: Ahlden Scheunenviertel – the barn district
    Im Scheunenviertel
    29693 Ahlden (Aller)

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