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Bispingen: Quad-Bahn

Gas geben auf über 500m Sandbahn

The Quadbahn in Bispingen, is a great adventure for everybody who wants to speed up.

With our quads children, teenagers aswell as adults will experience an unforgetable time.

Having a more than 500m long, hilly sandtrack, located directly at the wonderful lake (Brunausee) children over 8 years of age can drive by themselves.

Our price:

10 min. Euro  10,00 per Quad

For groups with more than 6 persons we have the following pricces:

1/2 hour Euro  21,00 per Quad

1 hour Euro 38,00 per Quad

For sky masks we take 2,00 Euro.

Due to hygienic reasons necessary.

    • Fun and Action for the whole family 
    • children over 8 years can drive by themselves
    • Playground 


    You find the quad track next to the highway A7

    Exit Bispingen between Hamburg and Hannover.

    Directly at lake Brunausee Behringen.

    Uhlenstieg 13 a
    29646 Bispingen

    Reservation 0171 3151958
    or 0171 1995550
    opening hours
    April-June 1pm - 5 pm
    July-Aug. 11am - 8pm
    Sept. - Oct. 1pm - 5pm
    10 min. pro Quad € 10,00
    Ab 6 Pers.: 30min. pro Quad € 21,00
    Ab 6 Pers.: 60min. pro Quad € 38,00
    Neu: 11 X fahren nur 10 X zahlen € 90,00
    Sturmhaube pro Stück € 2,00