The Heath in springtime

What can you do in Lüneburg Heath in spring?

Naturerlebnis im Frühling

The dew is still glistening on the blades of grass, it is a fresh morning. Soon the first rays of sunshine will warm the heath-covered slopes. The chirping birds announce spring, the first buds appear. When a scenic region like Lüneburg Heath welcomes spring, great things happen in the countryside.

What are the natural phenomena in spring? What can I experience in the countryside in spring?


Bird migration and the storks return

The migration of birds attracts the interest of many nature lovers from March to May, and the white storks return from their winter quarters to their previous breeding sites, where they can be observed while raising their young.

Spring animal behaviour

During the mating season, some animal inhabitants of the Heath seem to get carried away with striking behaviour: cranes show their very own special dance during courtship; the male moor frogs impress the females with their blue colour; the male tree frogs in the Celle region have the same objective with their musical "Trumpet Concerto".

Spring plant life

The plant world also has some remarkable natural spectacles during spring: in April and May, the cotton grass in the heath wetlands flowers and turns the wetlands areas into a sea of white cotton buds. At the same time, the snake’s head fritillary flower in the Seeve valley with their delightful chequered petals.


    Actively discover spring

    The freshly-awakened landscape can be enjoyed on a springtime walk  or a bike trip.  Temperatures are usually good for enjoying outdoor activities at this time of the year. What could be better than getting the muscles going again after long dark winter days?

    Or join one of our many special guided tours!  Certified nature and landscape guides will bring you closer to the beauties of the Heath and always have one or two anecdotes to tell.