Wellness getaway in the Lüneburg Heath

Short wellness break - let your soul dangle and relax

Wellness und relaxation in the Lüneburg Heath

During a short wellness holiday in the Lüneburg Heath you will find healing nature, peace and reflection, as well as new ways to promote your very own idea of health and well-being.

Wellness trip

Take a deep breath and let go. Stress, appointments, overtime hours - everyday life drags on our powers and mentality. The battery is empty at some point and we are tired and exhausted. Occasionally it is necessary to just switch off the world around you. The best way to do this is with a short wellness trip in the Lüneburg Heath.

Wellness break in thermal baths

Dive down and relax - cosy warmth surrounds the body and the soft splashing of the bubbles softly sounds in the ears. The body is carried gently on the surface of the water. The eyes are closed and the scent of essential oils floats easily through the room. This is enjoyment with all the senses in the thermal baths of the Lüneburg Heath.

Wellness holiday: a short break at the spa

Are you looking for unlimited relaxation? Do you long for beauty and spa treatments? In order to escape the hectic everyday life, often a wellness weekend is enough to find yourself and gather new strength.
A wellness weekend is the perfect opportunity to leave the stress of everyday life behind and to recharge your batteries. The wellness pampering programme in the Lüneburg Heath is called: soothing massages, aroma baths, sauna sessions, facials and head massages. In addition to the swimming pool, many hotels also have wellness areas and sauna landscapes. The timeframe of pampering beauty and massage treatments is often tailored to the needs of short vacationers and lasts only a few hours.