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Autumn in Lueneburg Heath

Autumn in Lueneburg Heath: colourful leaves, fragrant forest floors and bright red apples

©© Dominik Ketz

Autumnal moments in Lueneburg Heath - It is the time when Nature gives each leaf a personal touch and everything is bathed in a special light. Morning mist shrouds the heather and one feels the kind of magic that only autumn can conjure up.

"Indian Summer" on Lueneburg Heath

The early morning mist casts a mystical blanket over the region. Apples ripe for the picking glow brightly in the sunshine and the time of hustling and bustling has come to an end. Nature puts on its most beautiful gown: glowing leaves on the trees, bright red mushrooms in the forest and stunning sunsets. Chestnuts and acorns crunch beneath the hiker' boots as they walk home towards a roasting fire and a delicious meal of game.

Autumnal pleasure - harvest time on the heath

Autumn is the time when the famous heath potato is harvested. You can try them freshly picked from the field at numerous cosy Lueneburg Heath restaurants. A delicious game dish is also a tasty experience, especially when temperatures start to fall and the fire is crackling in the hearth. Enjoy the regional products and autumnal handicraft that the autumn and thanksgiving markets of Lueneburg Heath have to offer.

Bird migration

Many migratory birds make a stop-over on their way south during September and October, making autumn an ideal time for bird-spotting. You can observe cranes, black storks and geese from the observation platforms at "Meissendorfer Teichen" in the Suedheide nature reserve and at Lake Jastorf in the Uelzen region.

Broadleaf tree colouration and the mating season

The first cool nights mark not only the departure of the summer season. They also herald the turning of the autumn leaves in the beech forests as well as the mating season.

The largest wild animal at home in the vast forests of Lueneburg Heath loudly makes its presence known in the autumn. Great numbers of red deer can be observed in the huge forests of the Suedheide. Their loud bellowing intended to keeping competitors at bay and the herd together can be heard far and wide. Guided tours to see the rutting deer are available at this time of the year.

Active vacations - autumn is hiking season

An Indian Summer in Lueneburg Heath is a wonderful time for hiking. The heath is quiet once again after the bloom season. Chestnuts and acorns crunch beneath the hiker's boots. A new scenic landscape awaits behind every bend in the path. Fascinating sunsets reward the hiker in the evenings. The fire crackles in the inn's hearth and regional game dishes beckon the hungry hiker.

Get your hiking boots on and enjoy some autumnal hikes on Lueneburg Heath.

Biking fun - enjoy the expanse of Lueneburg Heath on two wheels

A cycling tour is an amazing way to experience the colourful diversity of autumn. Here on the heath, every metre covered on two wheels is a piece of natural rejuvenation. Follow 2,000 kilometers of cycle paths through colourful, silent woodlands. Jump on the saddle, push down the pedals and experience autumnal moments on Lueneburg Heath.