Eschede: Lutter cycle path North Tour & South Tour (day tours, 31 km & 28 km)

    Welcome to the nature reserve “Lutter” on the eastern boundary of Suedheide nature park.  Two round cycle tours offer you an opportunity to experience the natural surroundings of the river Lutter at close quarters. 


    The Lutter cycle path runs between Weyhausen in the north and Jarnsen in the south. Both routes start at a natural pond near the Bargfeld hiking tour car park. 


    Both routes will show you interesting facts about the large-scale nature protection project Lutter that was implemented here between 1989 and 2008.


    During the last century, some sections of the river Lutter were straightened or expanded and drainage trenches dug out to drain certain areas. These actions took away the natural habitat from many fish and other water-borne organisms. During the Lutter nature protection project, the gravel riverbed was restored, sand traps were installed and the course of the river returned to its natural state. 


    The renaturation of the Lutter’s flowing water system enabled various and sometimes very rare species of plants and animals, such as the moor frog, to reclaim their natural habitat. Black storks, kingfishers and minnows also feel at home once again in and around the Lutter.


    The freshwater pearl mussel - a real natural gem

    The measures introduced to protect the Lutter have had a very positive effect on the stock levels of the endangered freshwater pearl mussel. The now clear, clean and nutrient-rich flowing waters are home to the brown trout that protects the tiny mussels in its gills for ten months before they settle on the bed of the river Lutter. The number of young mussels is slowly on the rise. Searching for pearls is strictly forbidden as they are heavily protected under European law.


    A brochure with many interesting facts about the Lutter’s natural surroundings is available for the entire Lutter cycle tour. It is available from Celle town council and from the Tourist Information Offices in the district of Celle.


    Length:  The north tour is 31 km in length and the south tour 28 km.  

    Path conditions:  The routes follow firm forest and field pathways, agricultural tracks and cycle paths adjacent to public roads.

    Most of the cycle paths along the Lutter cycle tour are not paved. Some of the forest tracks can be dusty or muddy depending on the weather and therefore difficult to navigate by bicycle. If a larger group tour is planned, for instance a school class trip, then teachers and parents should check the condition of the paths in advance. But they are usually good...


    Signposting:  The pictogram shown here lines the entire route of both tours.


    Directions to Bargfeld car park  

    The car park in Bargfeld is located at the fork in the road to Raederloh. Turn left at the fork and you will find the car park after 100 metres on the right next to a natural pond. 


    Coordinates:  N 52° 42.38559', E 010° 20.81424'


    Recommended bicycles:  touring / trekking bikes


    North Tour:

    The cycle tour runs from Bargfeld car park first to the north and then to the west as far as Endeholz. It crosses the river Lutter along the way. 

    Travelling east, you will again cross the river Lutter and pass a moorland forest until the route takes a left turn and you cycle parallel to the Lutter until you reach Marwede. “Heather in the Lutter” awaits you at the mill in Marwede and you can also see the deconstructed barrage dam that has had such a positive effect on the development of aquatic life. 

    Continue north to Weyhausen via Schelploh. The near-to-natural streams are once again home to bullheads and brook lamprey.

    A species-rich moor has developed in the source region of the river Lutter. Following a loop on the banks of the river Ahrbeck, which was also renaturated as a part of the Lutter project, the cycle tour takes you back the same way to Marwede.

    Take an easterly curve around the Schmalwasser stream area to return to Bargfeld. 


    South Tour: 

    The South Tour takes a north-easterly direction to the fish-pond area and the viewing platform at Postmoor before talking you to Luttern via Eldingen. The ditch water is cleaned here in reed filter beds before it flows into the river Lutter. 

    Further to the south lies Jarnsen, where the rivers Lutter and Lachte converge and you can admire the birch trunk sculpture “A marriage made in heaven”. With a bit of luck, you might even see a kingfisher as it dives into the river for its food.

    Hohnhorst Mill lies on the way as the cycle tour takes you north towards Eldingen via Wohlenrode and Ziegelei. 

    On the way to Heese and Endeholz you will come across pollarded willows, a habitat for many different animal species, and cycle past Schaefermoor (Shepherd’s Moor) were the rare moor frog is once again at home.

    The North and South routes converge at Endeholz to return to Bargfeld.



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