Bispingen: Borsteler Schweiz


    Heathland valley with ‘crater’ viewpoint


    Borsteler Kuhlen (hollows) is one of the most beautiful spots in the vicinity of the heathland town of Bispingen. The people of Bispingen have given Borsteler Kuhlen the affectionate appellation of Borsteler Schweiz (Switzerland).

    And there's some truth in that!


    Starting in the old heathland farming village of Borstel, you can explore a dreamlike, steeply sloping heathland valley on foot - the valley of the river Brunau. Juniper bushes and birches crisscross the heathland and give the landscape a very special character.


    A path follows the upper edge of Borsteler Kuhlen, from where you have a great view into the "crater" (the valley). The path continues into a wood that shelters ancient burial mounds. Finds from these burial mounds are exhibited in a museum in Soltau.


    How to get there:

    Coordinates  N52.73045, E9.51389

    Parking: as per the Road Traffic Act (StVO)

    Borstel in der Kuhle
    29646 Bispingen

    Bipingen Touristik 05194 - 9879690