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For a romantic weekend - our half-timbered hotels

Holidays in typical regional hotels on the Lüneburg Heath

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Romantic hotels

The cosy half-timbered hotels in the Lüneburg Heath are very special. No two hotels are the same, but they all have a long tradition. And of course the half-timbered hotels are also very romantic hotels.

Wedding anniversary, milestone birthday or just because?

Do you have a special date that you would like to celebrate? Or do you simply want to spoil yourself? Immerse yourself in the romantic world of half-timbered hotels in Lower Saxony and northern Germany. The breathtaking architecture of the half-timbered buildings with red bricks and dark beams enchants every visitor. In the Lüneburg Heath you will find many of these historic buildings, which have been lavishly restored with great attention to detail and converted into modern country hotels.

Romantic hotels

The cosy half-timbered hotels exude a romantic atmosphere that invites you to dream.You can make yourself really cosy in front of the open, crackling fireplace and feel the warmth on your skin.Savour regional cuisine and stroll through the beautiful farm gardens that surround many of the hotels.

The charm of half-timbered houses

The half-timbered hotels in the Lüneburg Heath are the perfect place for a romantic holiday typical of the region. You don't have to compromise on comfort here, as the hotels offer up to 4 stars and state-of-the-art facilities. Each room is unique and individually designed to preserve the charm of the half-timbered house.

Let yourself be enchanted by the romance of the half-timbered hotels and the unspoilt nature of the Lüneburg Heath and experience an unforgettable short holiday.

The half-timbered hotels of the Lüneburg Heath

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Naturotel Schäferhof, Schneverdingen
Half-timbered hotel ideally located between the two top sights of Schneverdingen, the Pietzmoor and the Osterheide.

Acht Linden Hotel, Egestorf
Beautiful half-timbered hotel with well-known good cuisine in the heart of the heath village of Egestorf.

Hotel Stimbekhof Bispingen
One of the most beautiful half-timbered farmhouses in high-quality country house style, right next to the car-free nature reserve

Hotel Hof Tütsberg, Schneverdingen
Romantically secluded, quiet half-timbered farmhouse. Surrounded by forest and heath. Good cuisine.

Wildland Natural Resort, Wietze
Wonderful half-timbered hotel with high-quality organic cuisine. In the Aller Leine Valley

Hotel Niemeyers Romantik Posthotel, Müden/Örtze
Half-timbered hotel in the heart of the romantic heath village of Müden. High-quality country house.

Landhaus Haverbeckhof, Niederhaverbeck
Ideally located on the heathland of the Lüneburg Heath nature reserve. Ideal starting point for hikes.

Hotel Celler Hof, Celle
The Celler Hof is located in the heart of the half-timbered old town of Celle. A good starting point for discovering the romantic town with its castle.

Naturotel Traumzeithof, Eschede
Half-timbered ensemble in the Südheide nature park near Eschede in a very natural location.

Hotel Gut Landliebe, Hermannsburg
Beautiful half-timbered country house just outside Hermannsburg.

Hotel am Kloster, Wienhausen
Half-timbered hotel directly in the monastery district of Wienhausen, just a few steps from the monastery.

Landhotel Undeloher Hof, Undeloh
Beautiful half-timbered house right next to the car-free nature reserve in the heath village of Undeloh.

Gutshof im Örtzetal, Hermannsburg
Located directly on the river Örtze, small half-timbered hotel with good cuisine

Scroll down and you will find our list of half-timbered hotels in the Lüneburg Heath with a long description and pictures.

How are half-timbered houses built?

Half-timbered houses are built with a wooden frame and a timber frame made of bricks, clay or half-timbering. The timber frame is erected first and then filled in with brickwork. The timber frame construction is designed so that the loads are evenly distributed across the wooden beams, resulting in a stable building. This traditional construction method was particularly widespread in the Middle Ages and early modern times and still characterises the appearance of historic towns and villages in many places today. There are many half-timbered houses in the romantic villages of the Lüneburg Heath.