Walsrode: Krelinger Heath


    On the southern edge of Krelingen lies one of the two areas of heathland from the town of Walsrode .


    Small but fine


    Krelingen Heath is not very big, but it is a particularly beautiful area of heathland. A slightly rolling landscape almost reminiscent of Tuscany. Heathers, grasses, and reeds alternate with dark green juniper bushes and form a varied landscape.


    Circular trail

    A walking trail leads round Krelingen Heath, inviting you on relaxed walks in idyllic countryside. There are also smaller paths leading directly into the heathland.


    Animal care

    From time to time the shepherdess comes past with a herd of Schnucken, the German name for the moorland sheep. These animals graze on grass and shrubs. This “grazing down” prevents the areas of heathland from becoming overgrown by other plants. This ensures that the heather plants survive.



    In late summer, the Düshorn Tourism Organisation puts on " Singen in der Krelinger Heide "  ( Singing in Krelingen Heath) . Old and young gather at the sheep folds to join in the singing when the choir invites them to.

    At Christmas the Christmas story is read aloud accompanied by music and a performance of the nativity play.

    Please consult our Events Calendar for dates and horse-drawn carriage rides, or contact Tourist Information: telephone 05161-7897482.

    Getting there:

    Drive from Krelingen towards Hodenhagen (district road K 146), Krelingen Heath is 500 metres past the village on the left. You can park directly in front of the heath.


    Longitude: 09°39'47" East

    Latitude: 52°47'29" North

    Krelingen K146
    29664 Walsrode

    Buchungen 0700 -20993099