Eschede: Nature Park Information Centre


    The new exhibition of Suedheide Nature Park in Eschede consists of three rooms with different elements.

    Historical heath farming

    This room is exhibition and Metronom service centre at the same time. The exhibition is made of flexible elements. Visitors are welcomed by 3D photo figurines. A modern shepherd with sheepdogs, some moorland sheep as well as a large close-up photo of the “Besenheide” heath greet the visitor. This classic picture of Lueneburg Heath as a “beautiful natural landscape” continues to be shown in the room and the background of the evolution of this cultural landscape is illustrated: heath farming and its massive impact on the landscape. During the exhibition the visitor learns how this - for all intents and purposes sustainable - system collapsed and how it led to the devastation of the landscape. The visitor is brought back to the present and shown that, due to the nitrogen input by today's rainwater, the still-existing heath lands have to be tended to skilfully in order to prevent grass or woodland overgrowing them.  


    Water in the Nature Park Southern Heath

    Immerse yourself in the water world of the Southern Heath. You will be taking on the perspective of marine inhabitants and can move on a replicated gravel bed. In the course of the exhibition the floor turns from gravel bed into “sandy desert”.

    Constantly changing water reflections are created by light projectors and the so-called “snuggle shell”, an oversized replica of a river pearl mussel, invites you to be the pearl inside the mussel and to watch a movie about the biology, ecology and cultural history of the river pearl mussel.


    On the walls you can find interesting information about water as elixir of life, the magic world of the heath brooks and the magic of the heath’s flora.

    Be sure to take a close look at the huge replica of the beak of a black stork just poking through the water surface into the room catching a trout.

    Go on an expedition of discovery and explore the water worlds of Suedheide Nature Park.  


    Landscape elements of the Suedheide Nature Park

    This room is both exhibition room and waiting room for rail travellers. A pedestal showing a map of Suedheide Nature Park Southern Heath with a floor graphic was installed in the old waiting room. On this surface the exhibition elements grow into the third dimension: large-sized photoprint banners show the Nature Park's five landscape elements: 

    • Woodlands
    • Heath
    • Grassland
    • Moorland
    • Rivers

    More in-depth information about the landscape elements can be found in the digital picture frames in columns integrated in the room.


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