Döhle: Döhler Heath/Hörpeler Heath


    The romantic Heath village of Döhle is located in the immediate vicinity of Lüneburg Heath Nature Reserve and is thus an optimal location for your activities. Immerse yourself in the romantic, varied landscape of Lüneburg Heath.

    Directly from the large car park, you can take lovely walking, cycling and riding trails in the Nature Reserve. So you can enjoy the large, wide-open heath landscapes and the beautiful forests and meadows, "car-free".

    Start your venture at the large car park in Döhle and follow the signs to Wilsede. After the small heath stream "Schmale Aue", turn left to the sheepfold, which already serves as a landmark from afar. A Heidschnucken herd of the VNP (Nature Park Association) has its home here. With a bit of luck, you can watch the animals going out or being driven in. A special experience for young and old.

    Find out more about the flora and fauna of the heath on a information panel which is located close to the sheepfold.

    The path leads you further into the open heathland of Döhler Heath. Lovely curving paths always offer new, beautiful views of the low hilly heathland.

    Carriage rides: carriage rides on Döhler Heide are offered almost daily from the car park in Döhle in August / September. The qualified coachmen can tell you a lot of interesting facts about the management and cultivation of the Heath or the heathland traditions.

    Walkers will find a large selection of footpaths. For a short walk, there are circular trails around Döhle and Döhler Heath. If you want to go to Wilsede and Wilseder Berg (169 m) via Döhler Heath, you need to plan a bit more time. After about 9 km you reach the contemplative Heidedorf Wilsede, which can only be reached on foot, by horse, carriage, or bicycle. The direct rout from Döhle to Wilsede is 5 km. Today about 40 people still live in the museum village of Wilsede, with its typical thatched houses, old fences and unique flair. In the 20th century, some of the houses were rebuilt or restored. For example, the oldest open-air museum in Germany is "Dat ole Huus" Heath Museum, which realistically portrays the life of a Heidjer family in the 19th century with furniture, costumes and implements.

    Bicycles: The Lüneburg Heath Cycle Route or the Lüneburg Heath Tour are the best known cycle paths to and from Döhle. Also easily accessible by bike are: Döhler Heath, Wilsede, Undeloh, and Hörpel. Rental bicycles are available from Hotel Acht Linden in Egestorf.

    Hörpel: the attractions in Hörpel include the small church in the centre, as well as the Calluna porcelain factory. Here you can watch the porcelain production and purchase porcelain items from Lüneburg Heath.


    A7 exit Evendorf. Then via Evendorf to Döhle. In the centre of Döhle there is a large car park, which you can use free of charge.