Jesteburg: the natural wonder of SEEVE


    The Seeve rises between Handeloh and Undeloh and, after it has meandered 40 km through the Geest, flows into the Elbe.  

    Here at Jesteburg you can follow some of the course of the Seeve and, from small bridges, get a good insight into the heathland stream habitat. With a bit of luck, you may even hear the call of the kingfisher or catch a glimpse of its exotic blue plumage as it flies over the water.


    Clear, cool, oxygen-rich water is vital for fish species such as grayling, brown trout, and sea trout.


    And the Seeve is cool: with an average temperature of 6-8°C, it is considered North Germany's coldest river. The Seeve is a typical semi-natural, cold summer Geest stream – with   its meandering course, changing between slip-off slopes and undercut banks, partly sandy-gravelly and partly coarse-grained, and shaded by riparian vegetation.


    Location: Jesteburg, Emil-Bartz-Weg

    Parking: Kirchstr. or Niedersachsenplatz

    21266 Jesteburg

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