Way of St. James: Suedheide nature park route - Wietzendorf-Bergen stage

    Kilometres in this stage: approx. 17 km



    Starting at the Jakobi Church in Wietzendorf, the path leads south through the Great Moor, past Little America, running parallel to the sleepy railway track between Wietzendorf and Bergen through the fields. Small farming villages are located on the wayside. Behind Wardböhmen the terrain slopes gently into the idyllic Meissetal.


    Immediately behind Dagefoerde it continues noticeably upwards over Bleckmarberg Hill. This part of the pilgrimage includes a piece of terminal moraine from the Ice Age that is perhaps symbolically indicative of the ups and downs of our way through life.


    Bergen is not far away. St. Lamberti Church has a freestanding wooden belfry typical of churches in the heath. The oldest bell (Three Kings’ Bell) dates from around 1500 and is located in its own roof ridge. The classical hall church was built in 1826. It is a three-nave building with lowered ceilings above the galleries; it was extended to the east in 1900. The St. Lamberti Church is a reliably open church, which means that it is open every day during the summer months.


    The regional museum village "Roemstedthaus" in Bergen is around 350 years old and preserved in its original state. You can experience the rural way of life as it once was and visit the archaeological exhibition with finds from the region in the "tithe barn". The Roemstedthaus museum houses the door of the former pilgrimage church in Wohlde.


    You can obtain a stamp for your pilgrim pass at the St. Lamberti Church and at Hotel Hartmann in Wietzendorf as well as at the Roemstedthaus museum in Bergen.




    Pilgrim hostel in Wietzendorf:

    Hotel and Restaurant Hartmann