Pastor Bode Path: Stage 3 Egestorf to Wilsede

    Stage length: 9 km

    Today's stage is historical in the truest sense of the word. Wilhelm Bode himself once walked this path from Egestorf to Wilsede.


    The path leads quietly through a forest and crosses an old postal route from Döhle to Sudermühlen. A small forest path meanders down to the heathland brook "Schmale Aue". The rippling and gurgling of the heathland brook revitalises you. Then the Heath shines in front of you. An apiary and a thatched sheepfold complete the landscape.

    A climb of 60 metres will take you up to Wilsede. There is a wide heathland, sloping north to Radenbach with small patches of pine trees lining the stage. Imperceptibly the way goes up. Shortly before Wilsede you come across impressive, centuries-old beech trees of the former wood pasture. The path now leads you into one of the smallest and most idyllic villages of Lüneburg Heath, the car-free Heidedorf Wilsede.



    Just 1 km from Wilsede you will find unforgettable natural highlights. From the top of the 169.2-metre-high Wilseder mountain you can enjoy a breath-taking view over the vast heath landscape.

    T otengrund is one of the most beautiful heath valleys in the Lüneburg Heath. Nobody knows exactly where the name Totengrund comes from, but there are many stories about it.