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Schokothek - chocolate store

©Catharina Marchio Photographie,
©Catharina Marchio Photographie,
©Catharina Marchio Photographie,
©Catharina Marchio Photographie,
“Where cocoa meets the grape” creates moments of pleasure. The Schokothek is a specialty shop for selected chocolates from all over the world, exclusive pralines, Franconian wine and special delicacies, as well as my brother's Franconian fruit brandies. A specialty of my house are the two salt pralines, the Salzmarie and the Sülfmeister.

“Where cocoa meets the grape” creates moments of pleasure that are second to none. I am Sabine Schlenker and I warmly welcome you to my chocolate shop at Engen Straße 1 in Lüneburg. Since 2014 I have been offering exquisite and carefully selected chocolate specialties and fine wines for sale. One of the oldest buildings in the city, a half-timbered house with foundations from the 14th century, offers an ambience that combines the tradition of the venerable Hanseatic city of Lüneburg with contemporary enjoyable experiences. Chocolate bars, pralines, wines and brandies can be found in front of historic half-timbered buildings and old masonry.


My chocolate specialties from small manufacturers from all over the world, including local ones from Germany as well as from Austria, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Colombia and New Zealand, harmonize perfectly with our wines from Franconia. The wine region is my home and so you can see and discover Franconian wines in the Schokothek. We are supplied by the Martin Göbel winery in Randersacker. The pralines in the Schokothek are lovingly handcrafted in Franconia. Only the best ingredients, if possible from the region, are used. The little works of art are always fresh and change regularly. The special features of my variety of pralines include the “Salzmarie” and, since April 2021, the “Sülfmeister Praline”.


The “Salzmarie” is made from the finest milk chocolate and has a fine, sparkling ganache as if it was decorated with tiny crystals. It is my homage to the city and its history. The new "Sülfmeister praline" has a strong core made of liquid salted caramel. The core is coated in crunchy milk chocolate. The praline is decorated with the "Mons Pons Fons" logo. Mons for "mountain", Pons for "bridge" and Fons for (salt) spring characterize medieval Lüneburg. Salt has a centuries-old tradition and importance in the Hanseatic city: the city owes its influence and wealth to the underground salt treasure. Because only a few could afford the “white gold” in the Middle Ages; it was transported from far away by traders. In the 14th to 19th centuries, however, the Lüneburg merchants themselves shipped the salt that had been boiled in their city to the Hanseatic cities of Lübeck and Hamburg and beyond. The Sülfmeister, as the owners of the boiling pans for extracting the salt, benefited most from its occurrence, because only they had the right to boil on the saltworks. The emblem on the praline is reminiscent of the official symbol and can still be found in many parts of the city today.


I offer my selection of chocolates from Confiserie Storath in exclusive packaging, the “Schokothek-KunstSchatulle”, which was created in collaboration with the artist Karin Grafe. Karin Greife's pictures are created from the head - into the stomach - onto the canvas. The high-quality wooden cassettes are also suitable for personalization with your motif, name or logo. A very individual gift - talk to me.

In addition to the fine, our range also includes the spiritual. Now in the fourth generation of my family, my family produces fine brandies from orchards in the southern Main Triangle. The fruits come exclusively from our own cultivation and are harvested by hand. Only fully ripe cherries, apricots, peaches, mirabelle plums, renekloden, pears and plums go into the mash for the fruit brandy. After complete fermentation, the distilling mash is carefully distilled in the farm's own distillery and takes a lot of time.

In addition to the chocolate shop, all of my products are also available in our online shop. I look forward to seeing you there!