Eschede: Discover magical places in the nature park (day tour, 50 km)

    The cycle tour "Discover magical places in the nature park" is ideal as a day tour if you arrive with your bike by train. 

    It starts at the Metronom train station in Eschede. 

    The cycle tour takes you to a total of nine "magical places” that were designed by different artists. The artists have picked up on stories about the town as well as its history and other occurrences and interpreted them artistically. 

    Have fun on your discovery tour through a diversified landscape!


    "The Flat Eight" in the sandpit
    Carl Friedrich Gauss installed a trigonometrical survey point on Waehlberg hill. It inspired artist Wolfgang Jeske to erect a viewing platform with references to the magnificent views and bearing points on hills. A figure of eight lying flat in the sand represents a connection to the elaborate number-crunching that goes it ordnance surveys.


    Wind chimes at Hohenbostel

    Artist Wulf Nolte of Celle has installed a fantastical wind chime to commemorate the dilapidated village of Hohenbostel. There are no records of the medieval village. The four oak frames symbolise the ancient and past, while the colourful metal plates suspended inside them stand for the new and modern.


    What is Heather doing in Lutter

    The artist Petra Förster from Braunschweig found an interesting way of implementing ‘Heather’ as a first name, a plant and a landscape in Marwede. A girl chiselled from stone known as “Heather from Lueneburg” sits in the mill trench all year round with water running all around her. The villagers have welcomed Heather as one of their own and decorate her head with a crown of heather in summer and a bobble hat in the winter.


    Wishing stones in Endeholz

    Marion Gülzow installed an artwork in Endeholz in 2001. She has created an artistic interpretation of the erratic rocks frequently found in the region and the hope of locals that their wishes may be fulfilled. Three large metal baskets are for collecting the stones that stand for the personal wishes of each collector that will hopefully be fulfilled.




    Tour length:  50 km


    Path conditions:

    Hard forest and field pathways, agricultural tracks and cycle paths adjacent to public roads


    The pictogram shown here lines the entire route for the cycle tour.


    Directions to the car park at Eschede station:  
    Am Bahnhof 9, 29346 Eschede


    Coordinates:  N 52° 44.44485', E 010° 13.81905'


    Recommended bicycles:  touring / trekking bikes and e-bikes


    Further information:
    Tourist Information der Gemeinde Südheide
    Am Markt 3
    29320 Hermannsburg
    Tel. 05052 6574


    Route:  The tour starts at Eschede train station. The nature park information centre Suedheide in the station building can be consulted every day of the week. Cycle through the town to the 1st magical place, "The three from the crossing", in Albert-König-Strasse. 

    The tour leads you through Habighorst and the settlement of Burghorn to Beedenbostel. "The Jurors", a wooden sculpture of seven village jurors by Bernd Moenikes, stands on the old village square.

    The next magical place can be found near Jarnsen. "A wedding made in heaven", an installation made of birch trunks and created by environmental artist Klaus Meier-Warneboldt, stands where the rivers Lachte and Lutter converge.

    The tour continues through Jarnsen along the K 71 to Bunkenburg and into Schmarloh to the south of Eldingen. Here lie the whispering stones that tell a folklore legend. The German name of the sound installation by Hans Gierschks is "Jasper slutt den Schmalloh tau".

    The cycle tour takes a northerly turn towards Bargfeld via Wohlenrode and Eldingen. The photo installation "In Pairs" by Marion Gülzow can be viewed at Gasthaus Bangemann.

    Continue to the next magical place in Marwede to meet "Heather from Lueneburg".

    This is the most northerly point of the tour. The next magical place lies to the north of Endeholz: "The Wishing Stones of Endeholz". The “Hohenbostel Wind Chimes” can be seen and heard near Scharnhorst, ultimately followed by the “Beautiful Views” on the way back to Eschede.


    ou can find extensive map material and additional information about this tour in the Region Celle Navigator.


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