Located at the heart of Lüneburg Heath, Wietzendorf is one of the largest holiday resorts in the heathland region. An officially recognised health resort, the town is home to Südsee Camp,  one of Europe's best camping sites.  

    Südsee-Camp,  hotels , guesthouses and  holiday homes provide 500,000 nights of accommodation every year.


    Wietzendorf is steeped in history. The town was mentioned in the foundation documents of Gozeka monastery back in 1053. As the ancestral home of the noble Witzendorff family, Wietzendorf still bears the family crest as its official coat of arms.


    During the Thirty Years War, Wietzendorf fell victim to the notorious church robber Leo Freidach, before being pillaged by Swedish regiments in 1641.


    In 1713, the Russian Tsar Peter the Great and his delegation passed through Wietzendorf and changed their horses here.


    In 1871, the citizens of Wietzendorf planted trees in front of the church  to mark the signing of the Treaty of Versailles, which is still valid today.


    The town is especially popular because of the beautiful countryside, ideal for exploring on foot or by bike, and the nearby leisure parks (Heide Park, Serengeti Park and Welt Vogelpark), as well as the proximity to the cities of Hamburg, Bremen and Hanover.


    The biggest festival in Wietzendorf is the annual honey festival , which takes place on the last weekend in September. Since 1974, up to 15,000 visitors flock to this event every year, which celebrates the traditional process of producing honey.

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