Airlifft Memorial


    BERLIN Airlift in Fassberg

    An exhibition about the Berlin blockade and airlift


    Established in 1948, the airlift of the Allied Forces was a gigantic undertaking that required enormous logistics and made friends of former enemies.


    The Berlin Airlift Memorial in Fassberg gives an impression of the efforts and motives of the Allies to guarantee the freedom of Berlin.


    Fassberg air base was one of the most important pillars of the airlift as the Royal Air Force Station Fassberg ensured the supply of coal to Berlin. British and American aircraft a total of 539,112 tons of coal into blockaded Berlin and statistics counted up to 450 takeoffs and landings per day.


    Original documents and exhibits in three Nissen huts and two enclosed railway carriages illustrate how the Allied wheel-work ran. The "FASSBERG FLYER", a C-47 of the US Air Force that was used at Fassberg airbase, rounds off the exhibition.


    "... look upon this city and realise that you cannot abandon this city and these people, you must not abandon them," said the mayor of the time, Ernst Reuter, in his appeal to the world community in 1948.


    Guided tours for groups after registration at the Technical Training Center of the German Air Force (telephone: see below), from 5 persons. Dates for individual tours will be available again as of April.


    Opening hours: 17 March to 15 October 2018 Mon to Thu and Sat and Sun from 1 to 5 p.m.

    Map: Airlifft Memorial
    29328 Faßberg

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