Of the Lutter's treasures and little monsters (Lutter cycle path North Tour 31 km)

    What can you expect to experience on the North Tour of the Lutter cycle path?

    When you ride along the Lutter cycle path, you will find yourself in the realm of the moor dragonflies, discover the treasures of the Lutter river, encounter little monsters and decayed figures and, with a little luck, get to hear a frog concert. 

    Course of the North Tour of the Lutter cycle path

    This ecologically very appealing cycle tour runs from Bargfeld through Räderloh, Marwede, Schelploh, Weyhausen and Endeholz and back to Bargfeld. 

    The North Tour of the Lutter cycle path starts at Bargfeld hiking car park next to a natural pond. Close by is the Schmalwasser brook with its waters browned by peat. The ecological disadvantages of pond farming are explained at the former fish-pond area north-east of Bargfeld. 

    The next station deals with the habitat requirements of the rare freshwater pearl mussel. With a little luck, you may observe a black stork further upstream.

    The renaturated River Ahrbeck offers an opportunity to see the results of re-hydrating the brook valley. The Ahrbeck was renaturated within the scope of the Lutter nature protection project. The positive effects that deconstructing the barrage dam has had on aquatic life are explained at the mill in Marwede

    The next stations at Schelploh introduce you to the typical inhabitants of near-natural brooks. They are specifically the bullhead and the brook lamprey. Your tour continues to the source area of the River Lutter near Weyhausen, where species-rich moorland is thriving once again.

    The return journey takes you to Weyhausen, Schelploh and Marwede in a southerly direction to a moorland forest near Endeholz. The rare tree frog is at home here. A little further to the south lies a renaturated section of the river Lutter. You will then return to the starting point in Bargfeld.    

    The tour leads through the southerly part of the  Suedheide Nature Park  and is also suitable for families with children.



    Tour length:  31 km


    Path conditions:  The routes follow firm forest and field pathways, agricultural tracks and cycle paths adjacent to public roads.

    Most of the cycle paths along the Lutter cycle tour are not paved. Some of the forest tracks can be dusty or muddy depending on the weather and therefore difficult to navigate by bicycle. If a larger group tour is planned, for instance a school class trip, then teachers and parents should check the condition of the paths in advance. But they are usually good...


    Signposting:  The pictogram shown here lines the entire route of both tours.


    Directions to Bargfeld car park  

    The car park in Bargfeld is located at the fork in the road to Räderloh. Turn left at the fork and you will find the car park after 100 metres on the right next to a natural pond. 


    Coordinates:  N 52° 42.38559', E 010° 20.81424'


    Recommended bicycles:  touring / trekking bikes