Jesteburg: Fairy Tale Trail


    There is a lot to discover and a lot to do on "The Trickster" Fairy Tale Trail in the North Heath!


    20 stops to join in at

    Embedded in the beautiful Klecker Forest is the 3.2 km long Fairy Tale Trail with 15 interactive and 5 great climbing and balance stops, uphill and downhill through an idyllic mixed forest, past ancient, enchanted fish ponds in which a golden carp lives with his friends.

    Route map

    At the entrance is a large panel with a colourful map on which you can see where the path goes and what stops there are. Watch out for the broken wand - it shows you the way!

    The fairy tale "The Trickster"

    An accident has happened:  the trickster has destroyed the magic wand of a village. Now there is a quarrel between the elves, dwarfs and goblins, who had previously lived in harmony. Three friends - the elf Pinki, the dwarf Zipfel and the goblin Keril - want to change this. They question the wise snake who tells them how they can get a new wand. But until the time comes, the three friends have to find seven ingredients and have some adventures. Accompany the three friends on their way and follow the sign with the broken wand! Surely you will meet many of the characters known in the book, and maybe even the trickster will cross your path ...

    Idea and implementation

    The text and idea of the book "The Trickster" were created in the class 6a of Neu Wulmstorf secondary school on the basis of a project invitation from the Lions Club Hamburg-Nordheide. With a lot of dedication and donations, the Fairy Tale Walk was then launched by the Lions, the characters were designed and constructed, the storybook illustrated and printed - until finally everything was finished. Since then, the "Trickser" has also been spotted in Klecker Forest once or twice ...


    The following items are available in Jesteburg Tourist Information, Hauptstr. 66 (in the Sparkasse building), 21266 Jesteburg:

    • "The Trickster" storybook €14.95
    • Trickster mug €5.00
    • Wand €1.50
    • Plush toy squirrel COCO €12.50
    • Plush toy frog €7.50
    • Frog coin €3.50

    How do you get there?

    The Fairy Tale Trail is right by the L 213 between Bendestorf and Jesteburg.

    • from Hamburg-Harburg by HVV bus 4148 - stop "Lohof"

    • Navigator data: Lohof 1, 21266 Jesteburg

    T he route map can be found on the leaflet, which you can download below.


    Lohof 1
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