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Heath Shuttle - free bus with bicycle trailer

On the Heath-Shuttle on a discovery tour through Lüneburg Heath Nature Park

©Christian Wyrwa
©Lüneburger Heide GmbH / Markus Tiemann
©Christian Wyrwa

There is a lot to discover in Lüneburg Heath Nature Park, between the Heath towns of Buchholz i.d. Nordheide, Soltau in the south, Schneverdingen in the west, and Eyendorf in the east.

In the summer season, from July 15th to October 15th, we offer you a very special service to help you explore the region - the Heath Shuttle.

The timetable for the 2020 season can be found below in the attachments, soon.

The Heath Shuttle is a free leisure bus with a total of 4 circular bus routes (rings).

The special feature of the Heath shuttle is that it runs daily in the summer season and all 4 circular bus routes have a bike trailer!

The bike trailers can carry up to 14 bicycles and be accessed by bike at each Heath Shuttle bus stop.

Go on an adventure tour, hike or cycle in the Lüneburg Heath Nature Park with the Heide-Shuttle.

The exact routs of the 4 circular Heath Shuttle busses and the stops at which you can board can be found in the enclosed map and the attached timetables of the individual circular bus routes.

The buses operate every day of the week, including Sundays and public holidays. The Heath Shuttles run 6 to 8 times a day, depending on the individual stop from 9am to 7pm.

Heath Shuttle Circuit 1

The Heath-Shuttle 1 runs as a circuit from Oberhaverbeck via Niederhaverbeck, Ehrhorn, Wintermoor, Schneverdingen, Heber, Bispingen, Behringen and back to Oberhaverbeck. At the train station in Schneverdingen, there are train connections to the ERIXX Heidebahn to directions Buchholz i.d. Nordheide and Soltau.

Attractions along Circuit 1

Nieder- and Oberhaverbeck

  • Nature Information Centre
  • Well-marked footpaths in the car-free Lüneburg Heath Nature Reserve to Wilsede, the Wilseder Berg (Wilsede mountain), and the Totengrund
  • Horse-drawn carriage departure points
  • Connection to the Heidschnuckenweg hiking trail
  • Ehrhorn

  • Woodland Experience
  • Schneverdingen

  • Höpen Landscape Protection Area with sheep stall, heather garden, sundial, and Family Adventure Trail
  • Pietzmoor (8000 years old)
  • Alfred Toepfer Academy for Nature Conservation
  • Desk and Quill Museum
  • Schneverdingen town fountain
  • ''De Theeshof'' Local Histroy Museum
  • Camp Reinsehlen with Knickpyramide and Magerrasen (Particularly low-nutrient soil with a special flora and fauna)
  • One-World-Church
  • Heidjers Wohl – swimming, sauna and wellness 
  • Quellenbad – Natural swimming pool
  • Horse-drawn carriage departure points
  • Connection to the Heidschnuckenweg hiking trail
  • Bispingen

  • Heidekastell Iserhatsche
  • CenterParcs Bispinger Heide
  • Ole Kerk
  • Bird of Prey Enclosure (Greifvogelgehege) 
  • Luhegrund Woodland Play Area
  • Ralf Schumacher Kart & Bowl
  • Adventure labyrinth
  • Adventure land (Trampoline park)
  • Crazy World (everything's upside down)
  • Snow Dome
  • Connection to the Heidschnuckenweg hiking trail
  • Behringen

  • Quad bike trail
  • Brunausee Bathing Lake
  • Connection to the Heidschnuckenweg hiking trail
  • Heath Shuttle Circuit 2

    Heide-Shuttle 2 is a circular line starting in Oberhaverbeck. The route includes, among others, the settlements of Wintermoor, Wesseloh, Otter, Tostedt, Welle, Handeloh, Wesel, Undeloh, Egestorf, Döhle, and Behringen before the bus reaches Oberhaverbeck again. On this Circuit there is also a connection to the Heidebahn ERIXX at the station in Handeloh. 

    From here the ERIXX train goes towards Buchholz i.d. Nordheide and Soltau.

    During the weekend you have the opportunity to change to the Heide circular bus in Egestorf and Döhle, which goes via Amelinghausen to the Hanseatic city of Lüneburg.

    Attractions along Circuit 2


  • Planets Adventure Trail
  • Büsenbachtal – wonderful juniper stands
  • Natural History Museum
  • Connection to the Heidschnuckenweg hiking trail
  • Wesel

  • Heathland Education Trail
  • Witches House
  • Connection to the Heidschnuckenweg hiking trail
  • Undeloh

  • St. Magdalen Church
  • Heathland Adventure Centre
  • Heathland Education trail
  • Connection to the Heidschnuckenweg hiking trail
  • Egestorf

  • St. Stephen's Church
  • Barefoot Park and Aquadies natural swimming pool
  • Philosophical Stone Garden
  • Dresslers Hus – ''Haus des Gastes''
  • Connection to "Pastor-Bode-Weg"-hiking trail from Egestorf to Wilsede
  • Hörpel

  • Calluna Porcelain Factory
  • Volkwardingen

  • Old Treppenspeicher Granary
  • Minigolf
  • Heath Shuttle Circuit 3

    Heide-Shuttle 3 is a circular line starting in Buchholz i.d. Nordheide, through Reindorf, Lüllau, Bendestorf, Jesteburg, Asendorf, Dierkshausen, Hanstedt, Nindorf, Garlstorf, Gödenstorf, Oelstorf, Salzhausen, Eyendorf, Lübberstedt, Egestorf, Sahlendorf, Undeloh, Wesel, Schierhorn, Holm, Holm-Seppensen, Sprötze, and then back to Buchholz. There is also a connection to the Heidebahn (train) ERIXX towards Soltau and the Metronom train towards Hamburg and Bremen.

    In Buchholz i.d. Nordheide you can change to the "Regionalpark-Shuttle" leisure bus during the weekends, which runs from July to October from Rosengarten Regional Park (note: weekends only).

    Attractions on Circuit 3


  • Watermill with fish ladder
  • Seppensen

  • ALARIS Butterfly Park
  • Bowling alley, Golf course
  • Sniers Hus with pass-through barn
  • Holm-Seppensen

  • Campsite with swimming pool
  • Culture Train Station
  • Connection to the Heidschnuckenweg footpath
  • Sprötze

  • Brunsberg Nature Reserve (Heathlands)
  • ''Vierdörfer Dönz'' Local History Museum
  • Buchholz i.d. Nordheide

  • EMPORE Event location
  • Nordheidehalle, Sports Centre with swimming pool
  • Cinema & Art Association
  • Connection to the Heidschnuckenweg hikinh trail
  • Lüllau

  • Bossard Site of Arts
  • Lüllau Water Mill
  • Bendestorf

  • Film Museum
  • Jesteburg

  • Fire Brigade Museum in Marxen
  • Museum Barn, St. Martin's Church
  • Doll Museum
  • Local museum in Niedersachsenplatz
  • Fairy tale trail
  • Hanstedt

  • St. Jacobi Church
  • Heathlands on the Töps
  • ''Küsterhaus'' with ''Haus des Gastes'', library and Tourist Information
  • ''Years tree avenue''
  • Nindorf

  • Lüneburg Heath Wildlife Park 
  • Garlstorf

  • Natural swimming pool, skeet and trap shooting machine (olymp.)
  • Salzhausen

  • CCI**** Eventing grounds Luhmühlen (Equestrian sports)
  • Open St. John's Church
  • Historic Village Trail in Putensen
  • Dörpschün – cultural meeting point
  • Fitness and leisure pool
  • Eyendorf

  • Windmühle Smock Windmill
  • Egestorf

  • St. Stephen's Church
  • Barefoot Park and Aquadies natural swimming pool
  • Philosophical Stone Garden
  • Dresslers Hus – Haus des Gastes
  • Pastor Bode Trail Egestorf-Wilsede
  • Connection to the Heath Cycle Bus towards Lüneburg (weekends only)
  • Undeloh

  • St. Magdalen Church
  • Heathland Adventure Centre
  • Heathland Education Trail
  • Connection to the Heidschnuckenweg hiking trail
  • Wesel

  • Heathland Education Trail
  • Witches House
  • Connection to the Heidschnuckenweg hiking trail
  • Attractions on Circuit 4


    Gallery-Holland Mill



    Nature outdoor pool "Am Hahnenbachtal"



    Shepherd's farm Neuenkirchen
    Schröers-Hof with local history house (tourist information)
    Art association Springhornhof
    Rockery Falshorner Straße
    Circular route Neuenkirchen - Nature in a completely different way



    Idyllic forest path to the Schäferhof
    Heath adventure trail with numerous nature experience stations
    Observation tower on the Leverdinger Lehmteiche
    Nature and landscape conservation areas Riensheide, Birch Moor, Black Dirt and Great Moor


    Soltau - Railway Station

    Felt World Soltau
    Soltau Salt Museum
    Museum Soltau
    Breidings Garden Landscape Park


    Soltau - Unter den Linden

    Soltau Therme
    Soltau Museum of Games



    Ahlftener Flatt



    Heath area with sheep pen
    Alley Timmerloh
    Entry into the Heidschnuckenweg


    Bispingen - Iserhatsche

    Heath fort Iserhatsche
    Bird of Prey Enclosure Bispingen


    Bispingen - Railway

    Stop Heide-Express
    Ole Kerk
    Entry into the Heidschnuckenweg


    Bispingen - Horstfeldweg

    Ralf Schumacher Cart Center
    Adventure Labyrinth


    Behringen - Süd

    Brunausee (pedal boat)
    Quad track



    Machandel family adventure trail
    Wilseder Mountain
    Dat ole Huus
    Carriage rides


    Schneverdingen - Feriendorf

    Pietzmoor with adventure path
    Carriage rides


    Schneverdingen ZOB

    open one world church
    Heidjers Wohl - adventure pool
    Entry into the Heidschnuckenweg


    Schneverdingen - Am Brink

    Pulpit and quill museum
    Museum of local history "De Theeshof"
    Schneverdinger city fountain
    Carriage rides