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63 lakes and bathing lakes in Lüneburg Heath

The cool wet of the heath

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The lakes of the Lüneburg Heath

Would you have thought that there are 53 lakes in the Lüneburg Heath? Many people only ever think of heath in bloom, but the fantastic landscape of the Heath has more to offer.

List of all lakes in the Heide

Our lakes are scattered all over the Heide, so we have compiled a list for you, which you can also download below. From bathing lakes, natural swimming pools, to walking areas around the lake, it's all there. Feel free to investigate further by entering the name of your favourite lake in our search.

Bathing lakes in the Heath

The Lüneburg Heath is a popular holiday destination in northern Germany, known for its beautiful landscapes, heathland and forests. But in addition to these natural beauties, Lüneburg Heath also has a number of lakes that are well worth a visit.

Some lakes are bathing waters and are suitable for swimming, this is indicated behind the address. Sometimes there is also an open-air swimming pool.

Hiking areas around the lake

The Lüneburg Heath offers a wide range of hiking opportunities around its many lakes. Hiking around a lake in Lüneburg Heath is an unforgettable experience and a great way to enjoy the landscape and nature. Here are a few of the best lakes to hike around in Lüneburg Heath. Many of these lakes are integrated into other hiking opportunities, such as heathland, or into hiking trail networks.

All lakes in the Lüneburg Heath

District of Celle
  • Heidesee Müden: Car park at Heidesee, Unterlüßer Str., 29328 Faßberg
  • Hüttensee: Hüttensee car park, Hüttenseepark 52-68, 29308 Winsen (Aller), swimming possible
  • Meißendorf ponds: 29308 Winsen (Aller)
  • Aschauteiche: Aschauteiche 1, 29348 Eschede
  • Angelbeck pond: Angelbeck pond car park, K21, 29320 Südheide
  • Wildecker ponds: 29348 Eschede
  • Oldendorf gravel ponds: 29320 Südheide
  • Kieselgur pond Oberohe: 29328 Faßberg
  • Heidesee Oberohe: 29328 Faßberg, bathing possible
  • Loher ponds: 29348 Eschede
  • Entenfang: Entenfang 1, 29223 Celle
  • Habighorster ponds: 29361 Höfer
  • Bargfeld bathing pond: Heidjerweg 16, 29351 Eldingen, bathing possible
  • Kalka Lake: Am Rathberg, 29308 Winsen (Aller)
  • Silbersee: 29223 Celle, bathing possible
Lüneburg district
  • Kreidebergsee: Car park at Kreisebergsee, Am Kreideberg, 21339 Lüneburg
  • Lopausee: On the Lopau, 21385 Amelinghausen
  • Inselsee: Inselsee car park, Graben 3, 21379 Scharnebeck, swimming possible
  • Barumer See: Alte Dorfstraße 16, 21357 Barum, swimming possible
  • Reihersee: Auf den Bergen, 21382 Brietlingen, swimming possible
  • Kalkbruchsee: Volgershall car park, 21339 Lüneburg
Uelzen district
  • Oldenstädter See: car park at Oldenstädter See, 29525 Uelzen, swimming possible
  • Hardausee: Hellbergsweg car park, 29556 Hösseringen, swimming possible
  • Jastorfer See: Schanzenweg, 29549 Bad Bevensen
  • Parksee: Gartenstraße, 29389 Bad Bodenteich, swimming possible
  • Wiesensee: Celler Str., 29574 Ebstorf
  • Blanker Teich: 29525 Uelzen
  • Murrteich pond: 29525 Uelzen
  • Holdenstedt ponds: 29525 Uelzen
LK Harburg
  • Appelbeker Lake: Appelbeck, 21279 Moisburg
  • Lake in the large moor: 21217 Seevetal, Meckelfeld, bathing possible
  • Pulvermühlenteich: Pulvermühlenweg/Himmelsbruch, 21217 Seevetal, Meckelfeld, swimming possible
  • Ramelsloh bathing pond: Zum Badeteich, 21220 Seevetal, Ramelsloh, bathing possible
  • Lake in Maschener Moor: Maschener Schützenstraße, 21220 Maschen, bathing possible
  • Regesbostel bathing pond: Schulstraße 5, 21649 Regesbostel, bathing possible
  • Neuländer See: At the Neuländer Baggerteich, 21079 Hamburg
  • Pastor Bode pond: 21274 Undeloh
  • Junkernfeldsee: At the Junkernfeld, 21217 Seevetal
LK Heidekreis
  • Brunausee: Brunausee car park, Mühlenstr. 13A, 29646 Bispingen, swimming possible
  • Flüggenhofsee: car park, Breloherstraße, 29633 Munster, swimming possible
  • Südsee Camp natural bathing lakes: Südsee Camp 1, 29649 Wietzendorf, bathing possible
  • Grundloser See lake: Grundloser See car park, 29664 Walsrode
  • Sylvestersee: Osterheide, 29640 Schneverdingen
  • Stichter Lake: 29643 Neuenkirchen
  • Birken Lake: 29640 Schneverdingen
  • Ahlftener Flatt: in front of the farms, 29614 Soltau
  • Hodenhagen bathing lake: Volksloh, 29693 Hodenhagen, bathing possible
  • Steinbeck bathing pond: 29646 Steinbeck, bathing possible
  • Bathing lake on the Alte Leine: Allerstraße, 29693 Ahlden (Aller), bathing possible
  • Bierder See: 29693 Böhme OT Bierde, bathing possible
  • Düshorn Lake: Rehrweg, 29664 Walsrode, swimming possible at Düshorn lido
  • Fischendorfer Bach: Am Badeteich 1, 29683 Bad Fallingbostel, bathing possible in the lido Dorfmark 

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