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East Prussian State Museum


East Prussian State Museum with German Baltic Section


The East Prussian State Museum (Ostpreußisches Landesmuseum) has been extensively renovated in recent years and opened its new permanent exhibition in August 2018. Expanded to more than 2,000 square metres, many different topics of the fascinating history and culture of East Prussia and the German Baltic are exhibited.


Beginning with the first settlers in the area of the former East Prussia, the story follows the Teutonic Order, the Hanseatic League up to the Second World War, and the fate of the displaced. The natural area of East Prussia is also described. Explore Bernstein in the in-house laboratory, peek from the high seat into the vast forests of the former East Prussia, and get to know the famous Trakehner horses. In the art section, works by artists such as Lovis Corinth and Käthe Kollwitz can be admired. 

Another highlight is the newly created German Baltic section, which for the first time prepares the history of the German minority in the Baltic States and presents outstanding objects. Look forward to a lively and versatile exhibition!