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Hermannsburg: Waldbad indoor swimming pool


Welcome to Waldbad indoor swimming pool in Hermannsburg!

Hermannsburg's indoor pool in Suedheide promises swimming fun for young and old during the cooler seasons.

What can you expect to find?

The water temperature in the swimmers’ pool, non-swimmers’ pool and the toddler area is a balmy 28°C.

The swimmers’ pool has a length of 25 meters and is equipped with starting blocks, making it ideal for more athletic swimming.

Sun loungers and heated benches are available for you to relax and unwind.

Fun and games

Fun and games for kids are high on the agenda in the non-swimmers’ pool and the toddlers’ pool. A slide, mats and toys are available.


Adults: 3.50 €

Children and adolescents (3-17 years): 2.50 €