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Hermannsburg: Heimatmuseum

Welcome to the museum of local history in Hermannsburg!

The Heimatmuseum in Hermannsburg is run by the Förderkreis Heimatmuseum on a voluntary basis. During the opening hours, the members are happy to guide visitors through the exhibits, which have been put together with great attention to detail, and explain their significance in the past. Special exhibitions, which change every year, show topics of historical, agricultural and village life, often in relation to the present.

History of the Hermannsburg Museum of Local History

    As early as 1909 a museum association was formed in Hermannsburg under the direction of Pastor Max Harms.  The exhibits were displayed in a traditional farmhouse, which unfortunately fell victim to an arson attack in 1978. A large number of the exhibits were saved.
    Reopened in 1985, the museum is housed in a modern building. Thanks to the new concept, it was possible to create a good link between historical retrospection and the living present.
    In 2000 the Förderkreis Heimatmuseum im Heimatbund Hermannsburg e. V. was formed. It has made it its business to look after the opening hours and to fill the museum with life through various activities. Furthermore, the Förderkreis endeavours to present traditional craftsmanship with the appropriate equipment in a lively manner.

The approx. 3,000 m² large outdoor area with its old oaks has become increasingly important due to the reconstruction of historical buildings.

  • In 2001, a historic clay oven was rebuilt, which is used for regular baking days.
  • In 2003, a double storage facility from Beckedorf was restored and rebuilt on the museum grounds. The rooms are used for exhibitions such as "from flax to linen", house slaughter, cartwright's workshop.
  • In 2007, a staircase warehouse from the year 1677 was rebuilt in Scheuen. It now houses a beekeeper exhibition and the workshop of the Förderkreis Heimatmuseum Hermannsburg.

A special atmosphere for various events

The old agricultural implements on display and the bee fence equipped with colonies of bees, a village square with fireplace and a meeting place create a special atmosphere for the baking days and various events.

From 2008 to 2014, a Häuslingshaus vom Dornhoff was built in Baven. A meeting place of a special kind was created in the middle of a beautiful farmer's garden. House and garden are used by the divisions of the Heimatbund Hermannsburg e. V. for internal club meetings. Furthermore the rooms are available for cultural purposes and also for wedding ceremonies.

Special exhibitions:

Following the principle that the museum should appeal to as many people as possible, the Förderkreis Heimatmuseum organises annually changing special exhibitions.

These take up different themes of historical, rural and village life and often also span an arc to the modern present.

The resulting variety of themes clearly enlivens the museum, as the pleasingly high number of visitors in recent years proves. The success of this approach encourages the active to continue to offer as varied a programme as possible.