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Munster: St. Urbani Kirche


One of the most beautiful old heath churches is St. Urbani. A few parts of the first natural stone church building from the 13th century have been retained. After the destruction 1519, the damaged parts have been replaced with brickwork. Next to the church is a wooden bell tower for the old tower of the church could not hold the heavy bell. In 1881 the church was expanded with a transept in neo-Gothic style. At the end of the 20th century the artist Wladimir Rudolf created the figure of the church patron St. Urbani and the altar on the outside with 9 sculptures, 4 reliefs and 6 rosettes.

The church’s interior is today presented as a gothic space, which is spanned with low pointed arches with chain lines on square pillars. The center of the harmonious space is the carved winged altar from the 15th century. It is called a “Passionsaltar”: the main picture shows the entombment of Christ, on the left Jesus carrying the cross and on the right the descent into hell. Above the retable is a crucifixion group. The bronze baptismal font is from 1432. It is one of the most beautiful in this area. The basin is supported by 4 sculptures on which are portrayed the crucifixion, Maria with the Christ child and Johannes the Baptist in reliefs.