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Buchholz in der Nordheide: Seppensen Open-air Museum

Buchholz in der Nordheide

The four reconstructed half-timbered houses in Seppensen Open-air Museum in Buchholz i.d.N. are representative of the traditional rural homescape of the North Heath around 1850.

They also reflect the living and working places of the social groups of the old villages.

Aligned to a central village square are the following regional types of houses and facilities: 

  • old village school
  • Sniers Hus
  • old bakery
  • pass-through barn
  • bee exhibition stand
  • historic forge
  • beautiful farm garden
  • well with a shadoof
Old village school

In 1980, Buchholz Local History Museum was established in the "Old School", which was originally built in 1880 in Seppensen. It contains a permanent exhibition on the history of the Buchholz region with documents, maps, archaeological finds, equipment, and costumes, as well as a fully-equipped cobbler's workshop and an extensive local library.

Sniers Hus

Sniers Hus was originally in a courtyard in the centre of Regesbostel, was dismantled and rebuilt in 1985/1986 in Seppensen. The name of the farm Sniers indicates that its builder practiced tailoring as well as general farming and livestock.

Old bakery

The Old Bakery is about 100 years old and comes from Kampen. In the summer months regular baking days take place here.

Pass-through barn

The barn was built around 1780 by a stately Kötner in Otter. The open longitudinal passage allowed the entrance of fully loaded harvesters.

The use of the pass-tjrough barn changed. Instead of large animal husbandry, pig farming proved to be lucrative. Therefore, the barn was rebuilt.

With the demolition of the Häuslingshaus in Otter and the reconstruction of the building in the years 2002 to 2004, the "third life" began, as a pass-through barn next to the Sniers Hus, again as a barn but more precisely as a museum barn.

Bee exhibition stand

This is modelled on a "bee fence", which are commonly found in the Heath. It was built in 2012 by club members.

The apiary hosts live bee colonies housed in Langstroth hives (vertical beehives). These hives have been used in beekeeping for about a hundred years and have replaced the baskets (Lüneburger Stülper) that were previously customary on the Heath.

There are annual beginner training courses for recreational beekeepers and information events for kindergarten groups and school classes.


An old bakery from the 18th century that now houses more than 200 tools from the last Buchholzer village smith, Arnold Kahnenbley. It was built in 2013. Regular forging courses are offered here.

Farm garden

In the farm garden on the west side of Sniers Hus you can always see the changing seasons. The look of the garden has often changed in its 25 years of existence here.

The garden was created on the model of a monastery garden as a vegetable, herb, and flower garden. Today, mainly flowers and shrubs thrive there. From spring to far into autumn, flowers of all colours delight visitors and are also a bee meadow.

Wedding ceremonies at Sniers Hus

From May to September, weddings are held at Sniers Hus on Fridays and Saturdays; the contact person is Buchholz civil registry office


Sniers Hus can also be rented for private events.