Bad Bevensen iodine-saline thermal spring

Bad Bevensen

    Bad Bevensen iodine-saline thermal spring

    North Germany’s large wellness and health spa


    Warm, bright colours, floor-to-ceiling windows and generously dimensioned aquatic landscapes – those coming to Bad Bevensen for the first time to swim or sauna may be surprised by the peace and tranquillity at the expansive iodine-saline thermal spring that is the only mineral spa in the Lueneburg Heath region.

    Visitors can expect to find a generous bathing landscape, a modern sauna landscape and a spa and vitality centre with many special offers for holistic relaxation. 


    The pool landscape at Bad Bevensen thermal springs consists of a large vitality pool (32°C, 3% saline) and a slightly smaller health pool (35°C, 4% saline). The relaxation pool (33°C, 5% saline) at the neighbouring Spa & Vitality Centre features underwater music for additional relaxation and recuperation. The two large outdoor pools with 1,000 square metres of surface area are tempered at a cosy 32°C all year round and are therefore an especially inviting experience on colder days.

    Numerous foot fountains, splash showers and jacuzzi corners provide pleasant massages in all of the pools.

    The unusual mineral composition of the iodine-saline thermal spring in Bad Bevensen can have a health-promoting effect on the body: for instance, the saline promotes blood circulation, reduces stress, strengthens the immune system and lowers blood pressure.


    The sauna landscape at Bad Bevensen iodine-saline thermal springs leaves nothing for sauna lovers to desire: two steam rooms (45°C), two sanariums (60°C) and two outdoor log house saunas (80° and 90°C) located in an idyllic park-like setting. There is also a herbal sauna (100°C) and a saline sauna (90°C).


    The SALINE and SALT World is another attraction at the iodine-saline thermal springs in Bad Bevensen.  The SALTWorld welcomes visitors with an 85°C warm salt sauna and a salt lounge with small graduation houses, a cosy fireplace corner and a small salt garden.

    The SALINEWorld was built on stilts: it features a surface measuring 180 square metres at a lofty height with a 70°C saline experience room for 40 persons and a saline relaxation area with a graduation house and an outdoor terrace. It offers a perfect view of the expansive park and the floodplains of the Ilmenau.


    The Spa & Vitality Centre also offer numerous opportunities to spoil the body. Sound massage with singing bowls, Lomi-Lomi Nui massages, shiatsu or a Rasul healing earth bath that makes the skin palpably smoother and softer are some of the highlights from the iodine-saline thermal spring wellness programme. The “Hydroxeur”, a relaxing illuminated jacuzzi experience, cleanses and strengthens the skin, while a hot stone massage helps refuel energy. There is something for everyone.


    Bad Bevensen iodine-saline thermal spring aims to deliver relaxation, health, peace and wellness to everyone who comes here. Just one day is enough to enable guests to recover from life’s daily stress. Numerous quiet rooms offer ample space to relax. This is where health becomes an experience!


    Our saunas feature new scents every week in addition to the regular sauna infusions Find out more on our Facebook page or visit our website.

    Dahlenburger Str. 3
    29549 Bad Bevensen

    Information 05821 5776
    Fax 05821 5736
    opening hours
    Montag bis Samstag 9.00 bis 22.00 Uhr (Sauna ab 9.30 Uhr)
    Sonn- und Feiertags 9.00 bis 22.00 Uhr (Sauna ab 9.30 Uhr)
    Erwachsene (120 Minuten) 10,00 €
    Erwachsene (180 Minuten) 14,00 €
    Erwachsene (Tageskarte) 18,00 €
    Zuschlag Sauna inkl. Sole- und Salzwelt 3,00 €