Sports in the Luneburg Heath - Take a break

Sport in nature makes you fit and healthy

    Sports and nature go hand in hand. 

    The Lüneburg Heath offers a great setting for active days outside. Fresh air, diverse soils, great views and a unique landscape in the nature reserve make sports in the nature something very special. 

    Exercising in nature makes you happy and promotes the effectiveness of your movements. Everything, is therefore more fun and easier. The brain is getting enough oxygen, the sight of the rich natural colours lets endorphins flow and the soft sandy soil is easy on the joints. 

    Nature makes you happy

    During time in the nature, everyone can be themself. Completely free of values and high-spirited we can listen to our body and feel its needs. A casual jog or a short break by the trail - nature and exercise are simply good for you and strengthen your self-esteem. 

    Nature promotes creativity

    If you have been worrying about something for a long time, or if you are lacking a brilliant idea, nature can blow your mind. Use nature as a distraction or for intensive exploration of a topic. The solution won't be far away!

    Nature reduces stress

    Negative emotions such as sadness, frustration and anger can be reduced by the influence of nature. As soon as we are in nature, we feel it with all our senses. Fresh colours, intensive smells, wind and sun on the skin reduce the stress level and heart rate. Nature calms and relaxes. 

    Nature is healing

    Just looking at the greenery of nature can accelerate healing processes. Blood pressure drops, the muscles relax. The human body gets energy and strengthens the immune system. 

    Movement in nature is...

    ...suitable for everyone!

    ...entirely free of charge!

    ...without any side effect!

    Where and how???

    Walking and hiking

    It doesn't have to be a high performance sport. A small round of running through the heath can make you feel happy, already. On many hiking trails of all lengths you can hike, walk, or strawl. The trails are well marked and offer benches for breaks.

    Green Sport

    On 12 different routes, small signs indicate "natural sports equipment/ nature gym". Scan the QR codes and follow the fitness exercise under guidance on your device to experience the modern exercise trail. 

    Outdoor Circle

    At fixed dates - at each weather, be it windy or rainy - scheduled trainings take place outside. Please have a look at our calendar of events if you are interested in participating.

    Meditation and Yoga

    In the park next to the iodine-brine thermal bath of Bad Bevensen there are various possibilities for relaxation in nature. For instance, sound bowls, Yoga and Qi Gong in the park and by the river Ilmenau. In case of bad weather in the spa house with floor-to-ceiling windows with a panoramic view of the nature. 

    Also worth a visit: yoga forest in the barefoot park Egestorf