Walking barefoot through the heath

Feeling the heath under bare soles

    The path is soft and caresses the feet

    Going barefoot is healthy and makes you feel good. Get to know the heath with all your senses on a barefoot hike.
    Barefoot nature experience

    More than 50 thousand nerves end in our feet, making the feet one of the most sensitive parts of the body. Let's give them a little wellness.
    As soon as the foot touches the ground, the nerve endings are activated and impulses are sent to the brain. This also releases happiness hormones.
    So walking barefoot not only strengthens the foot muscles but also makes you happy.

    Hiking barefoot

    Admittedly, at the beginning it is an unusual feeling to feel every little stone and branch under the soles. But also a refreshing, even exciting.

    The sandy soil in the heath is easy on the joints and makes walking barefoot pleasantly easy and relaxed. Always try to roll your foot well, from the heel to the ball of the foot, pulling the tips of your toes together. This is easy on the knees and spine.

    Give it a try. Walking barefoot is especially good in the Büsenbachtal or in the Misselhorner Heide. Sandy paths offer "walking on clouds".

    So shoes off and into the heath. Soft forest soil, gravel path, warm sand and damp river bed - it's all in the mix.