Lueneburg: Town Hall


    Its oldest sections were built in 1230, after which additions were made according to its needs. This ensemble of individual buildings bares witness to various architectural periods.

    The "Gerichtslaube" (assembly gallery), "Fürstensaal" (sovereign hall), "Altes Archiv" (old archive), "Kanzlei" (chancellery) and "Bürgermeisterkammer" (mayor's chamber) all come from the Gothic period. Masterful woodwork decorates the large council chamber, which is one of Germany's largest Renaissance halls. The "Huldigungssaal" (reverend hall) and the facades around the market place date back to the Baroque period. The clock tower features a set of chimes made from Meissen porcelain.

    Join our city guides in exploring this medieval building and its charming rooms on a town hall tour.

    Duration: 1 hour

    Price: 85,00 EURO per group

    More information via Lüneburg Marketing GmbH.

    Am Ochsenmarkt
    21335 Lüneburg

    Tourist-Information 04131-2076620
    adults 5,00 Euro
    pupil, students, persons doing their compulsory military service / alternative civilian service 4,00 Euro
    familycard 12,00 Euro
    children until 6 years 0