Lüneburg: Heinrich-Heine House


    The Heinrich Heine House in Lüneburg can be found right next to the Town Hall.


    In this building from 1565, the parents of the poet Heinrich Heine lived from 1822 to 1826.

    Heine often visited his parents here, even though he called Lüneburg the "residence of boredom". However, the town cannot have been so completely without inspiration, because he wrote various poems here.


    During extensive restoration work from 1986 to 1993, beautiful, well-preserved wall and ceiling paintings from the 16th to the 19th century were uncovered, which alone are worth a visit to the Heine House. Among other things, today it houses the wedding room of the registry office and the town literature office.


    The premises are used for various readings, concerts, weddings, and other events.

    Am Ochsenmarkt 1
    21335 Lüneburg

    Tourist Information 0800 / 220 50-05