Lüneburg: The Stintmarkt


    Lüneburg: The Stintmarkt 


    At the Stintmarkt (English: Smelt Market) – as the name already indicates – smelt was mainly traded. So-called "smelt" is a small, herring-like fish, which was a particular favourite in the Middle Ages. 


    Today Lüneburg's  biggest collection of bars is to be found in the street. Here you can have a beer sitting right next to the Ilmenau, the river that wends its way through Lüneburg.  On warm summer evenings the Stintmarkt has quite a Mediterranean feel about it. In summer, both locals and tourists sit until late next to the steps to the river enjoying the lovely atmosphere and the view of the old crane. 

    Am Stintmarkt
    21335 Lüneburg

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