Rote Rosen Luneburg: Stay in the Film-Hotel Bergström Luneburg

Experience the ARD cult show live: A short holiday in the "actors' bed"

    Roten Rosen fans take note: You can book the hotel from the ARD series "Rote Rosen (Red Roses)" Hotel Drei Könige in Luneburg. It is the Hotel Bergström in Lüneburg.

    The television series "Rote Rosen" (Red Roses) has millions of loyal fans and has given the city of Luneburg great fame. The authentic thing about the series is that it is filmed live in the streets of the city. You can often watch it being filmed. Therefore, the series Red Roses portrays many of the sights of the city of Lüneburg.

    Take a few days' off at the original location of the daily ARD telenovela Rote Rosen in Luneburg. 

    Stay in the rooms from the series, have breakfast in the restaurant where the stars of the Red Roses series sat. The water district of Lüneburg, where the Bergström Hotel Luneburg is located, is very romantic.

    Lüneburg is definitely worth a visit. The Hanseatic city's gorgeous and well-preserved old town is a great setting for a romantic holiday. Pure culture and history, ideal for a short break of 2-3 days.