Bergen: Historical Eversen circular hiking trail

    The 6.5-kilometre-long circular hiking trail "Historisches Eversen" reveals the heath village at the Örtze River on historical paths and provides further information by means of several information boards.

    The settlements, probably founded in the 9th century, were first mentioned in documents in 1330. A special feature are the manors in the village area. Old half-timbered houses still characterise the town centre today. Further historical topics are the rafting of timber on the river Örtze and the old technique of salt exploitation. 

    The first stop on this hiking tour is the so-called "Binnestä" at Kolk (1). From the 18th to the beginning of the 20th century, there was a tying point for tree trunks here on the banks of the river Örtze. Tied together in rafts they were transported by water. Via Aller and Weser the rafts reached their destination Bremen.

    Next you go to the Röhrendamm east of the village (2, 3). In the 18th century, a wooden pipeline  ran through it, in which the brine was led from the salt spring in Sülze to the salt boilers in Altensalzkoth. At Zuckenberg (4), the brine flowing in from the north had to be moved several metres up in order to overcome the hill. With the help of a so-called leak mill with a pump, the difference in height could be overcome and the brine could flow on to Altensazkoth.

    From Zuckenberg the path leads back to Eversen. The next station (5) shows a historical hearse with which the deceased in earlier times were transported to the cemetery in Sülze.

    Another destination is the beginning of the historical village road (6), in the course of which the following places of interest can be seen. First we go to Thölkeschen Haus (7), an old four-frame house.

    This is the largest courtyard building in Eversen. The old school (8) is also located on the village street. The building was built at the end of the 19th century as a half-timbered building. Then we proceed to one of the three manors in the village area. The manor III (9), a two-storey manor house, was built in 1700.

    The Eversen I manor (10) is the oldest of the three Eversen manors and is located further east behind the ponds. This old feudal seat used to be protected by moats and a fortified tower. The estate was first mentioned in 1424. At the next station (11) there is the third manor building of the village, Rittergut II, also called Majorshof.

    When the old village road (12) was extended in 1989, remains of an old Knüppeldamm as well as boulders and old foundation remains were found.


    The approx. 6.5 km long circular trail begins at the inn "Zum Dorfkrug".

    Directions to the parking lot "Gasthaus Otte

    The parking lot "Gasthaus Otte" in Eversen is located opposite the Gasthaus "Zum Dorfkrug" in Dorfstraße 42, in 29303 Bergen OT Eversen.

    Position: N 52° 45.43725', E 010° 03.02540'


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