Wienhausen: Maria-Magdalenen-chapel at Oppershausen



    The first foundation charter of the Maria Magdalenen Chapel in Oppershausen dates back to 1450. Donors were the gentlemen Johann vom Stande Ritter and his squire Werner von "Odberneshusen". "Mary Magdalene" was chosen as patron saint of the chapel with the agreement of Bishop Magnus von Hildesheim.

    One finds the chapel at the beginning of the chapel way in Oppershausen.

    The old chapel existed for 200 years and had to be demolished due to dilapidation, as is assumed. A new one, donated by Wilhelm von Oppershausen, was erected.

    The new chapel was consecrated to the congregation and church service on 6 April 1657. Until today church services take place, as a rule every 2nd Saturday in the month at 18 o'clock (summer) and 15 o'clock (winter).

    Construction method and equipment

    The Maria Magdalenen Chapel is a half-timbered hall, crowned by a hexagonal, shod ridge turret with a curved hood. In the ridge turret there is a bell with the inscription: "Hans Wilken der gos me zu Brunswich Wilhelm van Oppershusen heft mit laten geten".

    The bell was made in 1603 and was therefore originally intended for the old chapel. Also parts of the west gallery (organ) were taken over from the old chapel.

    In 1918 the then owner Adolf von Engelbrechten had the interior of the Maria Magdalenen Chapel renovated.

    The chapel was transferred to the parish of Wienhausen by the owner of the manor, Georg von Engelbrechten, who then carried out a complete restoration and held the first service on 5 October 1984.

    The barrel vaulted ceiling is painted with a cloudy sky full of angels. Above the altar there is a group of playing angels with harp and lute. Above the organ there is a ribbon held by two putti with the inscription "Gloria in excelsis deo anno 1657".

    The altar depicts various scenes around Jesus Christ, from prayer on the Mount of Olives and capture, to crucifixion and resurrection.

    The pulpit dates from the time of its construction and is supported by an oak column. The four corners of the pulpit basket are lined by the evangelists Matthew, Luke, Mark and John. They stand on consoles with angel heads. Above the pulpit there is a figure of Christ with the globe in his left hand.

    The brass chandelier with seven S-shaped arms is dated to the 17th century.

    The organ was renewed in 1990 and comes from the organ building company Hillebrand from Altwarmbüchen.

    In addition, the old chairs had to be replaced by individual chairs.

    The baptismal font was added in 1999. The local artist Herbert Blasek (deceased 2006) depicted Maria Magdalena on it.

    Glass paintings on the windows show the coats of arms of various noble families.
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