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    In old documents one can read that there was already a mill in Wienhausen in 1351. The date of construction of the multi-storey mill building on the left bank of the mill channel is not exactly known. However, it is assumed that the mill was put into operation at the end of the 18th century. It was probably much more efficient than its "neighbour", which can be seen from its structural design alone. Multi-storey mills work in several grinding and sieving stages and thus deliver a finer quality of the material to be ground. At the beginning of the 20th century, the mill was equipped with a turbine and, until the mid-1960s, generated electricity not only for its own use but also for private households in Wienhausen. Then the end came for this mill as well.


    In the early 1980s Susanne and Heiner Frede took over the building and restored it with great expertise and attention to detail. An art workshop, a studio, a sales room and an apartment were furnished. An approx. 1.5m large water wheel drives an electric generator. Heiner and Susanne Frede work untouched by fashion trends. According to their own designs, they create timelessly beautiful letter and jewellery boxes, table and wall clocks or noble accessories for tasteful living. In addition to woodwork, Heiner Frede also works with etchings and oil painting. The artists understand arts and crafts in their original form: creative, individual, authentic. Every year at Whitsun they show new ideas and designs in an in-house exhibition.

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