Munster: St. Martin - church in a sheep shed


    The church, which was built out of an old sheep shed, is situated amid a small heathland with juniper, cowberry bushes and wild flowers.

    The old sheep shed from 1836 has its origin in Kohlenbissen near Munster. The wood construction was prevented from demolition. In October 1987, it was dismantled bit by bit and rebuilt upon a foundation made of boulder at its present location. It is the successful attempt to connect culture and nature of the heathland with a church.

    To the right of the altar is a human-sized crib made of wood. The Austrian Sculptor Josef Brugger shows with his crib objects/bodies of 400 years old oak wood.
    Marienburger Straße 1
    29633 Munster

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    April – October 10:00-18:00 Uhr